Submissions from 2021


Annual Time Series of Global VIIRS Nighttime Lights Derived from Monthly Averages: 2012 to 2019, Christopher D. Elvidge, Mikhail Zhizhin, Tilottama Ghosh, Feng-Chi Hsu, and Jay Taneja


Self-sustained green neuromorphic interfaces, Tianda Fu, Xiaomeng Liu, Shuai Fu, Trevor Woodard, Hongyan Gao, Derek R. Lovley, and Jun Yao


Experimental Study of Microwave Attenuation in a Compartment Fire, Sang Gi Hong, Hakjune Lee, Hoesung Yang, Junho Jin, Hyesun Lee, and Kangbok Lee


The Annual Cycling of Nighttime Lights in India, Fengchi Hsu, Mikhail Zhizhin, Tilottama Ghosh, Christopher Elvidge, and Jay Taneja


A fully hardware-based memristive multilayer neural network, Fatemeh Kiani, Jun Yin, Zhongrui Wang, J. Joshua Yang, and Qiangfei Xia


Cloud and Edge Computation Offloading for Latency Limited Services, Ivana Kovacevic, Erkki Harjula, Savo Glisic, Beatriz Lorenzo, and Mika Ylianttila


Performance Evaluation of UAVSAR and Simulated NISAR Data for Crop/Noncrop Classification Over Stoneville, MS, Simon Kraatz, S. Rose, M. H. Cosh, N. Torbick, X. Huang, and P. Siquiera


Three-dimensional hybrid circuits: the future of neuromorphic computing hardware, Peng Lin and Qiangfei Xia


Electronic transport across extended grain boundaries in graphene, Arnab K. Majee and Zlatan Aksamija


Raising Dielectric Permittivity Mitigates Dopant-Induced Disorder in Conjugated Polymers, Meenakshi Upadhyaya, Michael Lu-Díaz, Subhayan Samanta, Muhammad Abdullah, Keith Dusoe, Kevin R. Kittilstved, Dhandapani Venkataraman, and Zlatan Akšamija

Submissions from 2020


SMAP Detects Soil Moisture Under Temperate Forest Canopies, Andreas Colliander, Michael H. Cosh, Vicky R. Kelly, Simon Kraatz, Laura Bourgeau-Chavez, Paul Siqueira, Alexandre Roy, Alexandra G. Konings, Natan Holtzman, Sidharth Misra, Dara Entekhabi, Peggy O'Neill, and Simon H. Yueh


Indicators of Electric Power Instability from Satellite Observed Nighttime Lights, Christopher D. Elvidge, Feng-Chi Hsu, Mikhail Zhizhin, Tilottama Ghosh, Jay Taneja, and Morgan Bazilian


Benchmarking Small-Dataset Structure-Activity-Relationship Models for Prediction of Wnt Signaling Inhibition, Mahtab Kokabi, Matthew Donnelly, and Guangyu Xu

Submissions from 2019


Experimental Study of Operating Conditions and Integration of Thermoelectric Materials in Facade Systems, Ajla Aksamija, Zlatan Aksamija, Chris Counihan, Dylan Brown, and Meenakshi Upadhyaya


Numerical representations for flow velocity and shear rate inside electromagnetically levitated droplets in microgravity, Xiao Xiao, Jonghyun Lee, Robert W. Hyers, and Douglas M. Matson

Submissions from 2018


Compact folded metasurface spectrometer, Mohammad Sadegh Faraji-Dana, Ehsan Arbabi, Amir Arbabi, Seyedeh Mahsa Kamali, Hyounghan Kwon, and Andrei Faraon


Role of GO and r-GO in resistance switching behavior of bilayer TiO2 based RRAM, Siddharth Srivastava, Pritam Dey, Shiva Asapu, and Tanmoy Maiti


Robust memristors based on layered two-dimensional materials, Miao Wang, Songhua Cai, Chen Pan, Chenyu Wang, Xiaojuan Lian, Ye Zhuo, Kang Xu, Tianjun Cao, Xiaoqing Pan, Baigeng Wang, Shi-Jun Liang, J. Joshua Yang, Peng Wang, and Feng Miao


Bioinspired and bristled microparticles for ultrasensitive pressure and strain sensors, Bing Yin, Xiaomeng Liu, Hongyan Gao, Tianda Fu, and Jun Yao

Submissions from 2017


The natural and capital infrastructure of potential post-electrification wealth creation in Kenya, Diego Ponce de Leon Barido, Simone Fobi Nsutezo, and Jay Taneja


On Improving Reliability of SRAM-Based Physically Unclonable Functions, Arunkumar Vijayakumar, Vinay C. Patil, and Sandip Kundu

Submissions from 2016


Evaluation of a Scalable Information Analytics System for Enhanced Situational Awareness in Mass Casualty Events, Aura Ganz, James M. Schafer, Zhuorui Yang, Jun Yi, Graydon Lord, and Gregory Ciottone


Quantifying AS Path Inflation by Routing Policies, Qixin Gao, Feng Wang, and Lixin Gao


Voltage Divider Effect for the Improvement of Variability and Endurance of TaOx Memristor, Kyung Min Kim, J. Joshua Yang, John Paul Strachan, Emmanuelle Merced Grafals, Ning Ge, Noraica Davila Melendez, Zhiyong Li, and R. Stanley Williams

Submissions from 2012


Fully Integrated Biochip Platforms for Advanced Healthcare, Sandro Carrara, Sara Ghoreishizadeh, Jacopo Olivo, Irene Taurino, Camilla Baj-Rossi, Andrea Cavallini, Maaike Op de Beeck, Catherine Dehollain, Wayne Burleson, Francis Gabriel Moussy, Anthony Guiseppi-Elie, and Giovanni De Micheli


Engineering Nonlinearity into Memristors for Passive Crossbar Applications, Jianhua Yang, M Zhang, Matthew Pickett, and Stanley Williams


A fast thermal-curing nanoimprint resist based on cationic polymerizable epoxysiloxane, Jizong Zhang, Xin Hu, Jian Zhang, Yushang Cui, Changsheng Yuan, Haixiong Ge, Yanfeng Chen, Wei Wu, and Qiangfei Xia

Submissions from 2011


Anatomy of a Nanoscale Conduction Channel Reveals the Mechanism of a High-Performance Memristor, Feng Miao, John Strachan, Jianhua Yang, M Zhang, Ilan Goldfarb, Antonio Torrezan, Peter Eschbach, Ronald Kelley, Gilberto Medeiros-Ribeiro, and R Stanley Williams

Submissions from 2010


‘Memristive’ switches enable ‘stateful’ logic operations via material implication, Julien Borghetti, Gregory Snider, Philip Kuekes, Jianhua Yang, Duncan Stewart, and R Stanley Williams

Ranking Feature Sets for Emotion Models Used in Classroom Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems, DG Cooper, K Muldner, I Arroyo, BP Woolf, and W Burleson

Impedance-matched three-dimensional beam expander and compressor designs via transformation optics, CD Emiroglu and DH Kwon

Tight-binding implementation of the microcanonical approach to transport in nanoscale conductors: Generalization and analysis, I Ercan and NG Anderson

On ATPG for Multiple Aggressor Crosstalk Faults, K Ganeshpure and S Kundu

A Reservation Based Backoff Method for Video Streaming in 802.11 Home Networks, Y He, J Sun, RX Yuan, and WB Gong

Modeling Power Saving Protocols for Multicast Services in 802.11 Wireless LANs, Y He, RX Yuan, and WB Gong

The CASA Integrated Project 1 Networked Radar System, F Junyent, V Chandrasekar, D McLaughlin, E Insanic, and N Bharadwaj

Thread Relocation: A Runtime Architecture for Tolerating Hard Errors in Chip Multiprocessors, O Khan and S Kundu

Electronic band structure calculations for biaxially strained Si, Ge, and III-V semiconductors, J Kim and MV Fischetti

Cloning of a sodium channel gene and identification of mutations putatively associated with fenpropathrin resistance in Tetranychus urticae, DH Kwon, JM Clark, and SH Lee

Extensive gene duplication of acetylcholinesterase associated with organophosphate resistance in the two-spotted spider mite, DH Kwon, JM Clark, and SH Lee

Low-profile embedded design of endfire scanning arrays with coordinate transformations, DH Kwon and CD Emiroglu

Acetylcholinesterase point mutations putatively associated with monocrotophos resistance in the two-spotted spider mite, DH Kwon, JS Im, JJ Ahn, JH Lee, JM Clark, and SH Lee

A point mutation in a glutamate-gated chloride channel confers abamectin resistance in the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch, DH Kwon, KS Yoon, JM Clark, and SH Lee

Discrete-time model for an adaptive optics system with input delay, DP Looze

Hardware Support for Secure Processing in Embedded Systems, SF Mao and T Wolf

Modeling Radio Transmission Loss in Curved, Branched and Rough-Walled Tunnels With the ADI-PE Method, R Martelly and R Janaswamy

Test pattern generation for droop faults, D Mitra, S Sur-Kolay, BB Bhattacharya, S Kundu, A Nigam, and SK Dey

Energy-Efficient VoIP over Wireless LANs, V Namboodiri and LX Gao


Energy-Aware Tag Anticollision Protocols for RFID Systems, Vinod Namboodiri and Lixin Gao

Modeling the capacitance-voltage response of In0.53Ga0.47As metal-oxide-semiconductor structures: Charge quantization and nonparabolic corrections, TP O'Regan, PK Hurley, B Soree, and MV Fischetti

An Efficient Technique for Leakage Current Estimation in Nanoscaled CMOS Circuits Incorporating Self-Loading Effects, A Sanyal, A Rastogi, W Chen, and S Kundu

Establishment of Quantitative Sequencing and Filter Contact Vial Bioassay for Monitoring Pyrethroid Resistance in the Common Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius, KM Seong, DY Lee, KS Yoon, DH Kwon, HC Kim, TA Klein, JM Clark, and SH Lee

FloorNet: Deployment and Evaluation of a Multihop Wireless 802.11 Testbed, P Serrano, CJ Bernardos, A de la Oliva, A Banchs, I Soto, and M Zink

A mathematical model of parathyroid hormone response to acute changes in plasma ionized calcium concentration in humans, RP Shrestha, CV Hollot, SR Chipkin, CP Schmitt, and Y Chait

Assessing Student Learning in a Virtual Laboratory Environment, T Wolf

The Effect of Motivational Learning Companions on Low Achieving Students and Students with Disabilities, BP Woolf, I Arroyo, K Muldner, W Burleson, DG Cooper, R Dolan, and RM Christopherson


Diffusion of Adhesion Layer Metals Controls Nanoscale Memristive Switching, Jianhua Yang; John Strachan; Qiangfei Xia; Douglas Ohlberg; Philip Kuekes; Ronald Kelley; William Stickle; Duncan Stewart; Gilberto Medeiros-Ribeiro,; and R Stanley Williams


High switching endurance in TaOx memristive devices, Jianhua Yang, M Zhang, John Strachan, Feng Miao, Matthew Pickett, and Ronald Kelley

Closed-loop architecture for distributed collaborative adaptive sensing of the atmosphere: meteorological command and control, M Zink, E Lyons, D Westbrook, J Kurose, and DL Pepyne

Submissions from 2009

An Interactive Approach to Timing Accurate PCI-X Simulation, K Andryc, R Tessier, and P Kelly

Emotion Sensors Go To School, I Arroyo, DG Cooper, W Burleson, BP Woolf, K Muldner, and R Christopherson

Evaluation of Path Recording Techniques in Secure MANET, D Chasaki and T Wolf

A Process Variation Tolerant Self-Compensating Sense Amplifier Design, A Choudhary and S Kundu

High-Level Dataflow Transformations Using Taylor Expansion Diagrams, M Ciesielski, D Gomez-Prado, J Guillot, and E Boutillon

Optimization of Data-Flow Computations Using Canonical TED Representation, M Ciesielski, D Gomez-Prado, Q Ren, J Guillot, and E Boutillon

Sensors Model Student Self Concept in the Classroom, DG Cooper, I Arroyo, BP Woolf, K Muldner, W Burleson, and R Christopherson

Real-time scalable attribute querying framework for RFID based Smart Spaces, G Das, A Kumar, and A Ganz

On Temperature Planarization Effect of Copper Dummy Fills in Deep Nanometer Technology, B Datta and W Burleson

Temperature Effects on Energy Optimization in Sub-Threshold Circuit Design, B Datta and W Burleson

On the Study of Network Coding with Diversity, ZG Ding, KK Leung, DL Goeckel, and D Towsley

Scaling MOSFETs to 10 nm: Coulomb Effects, Source Starvation, and Virtual Source, MV Fischetti, S Jin, TW Tang, P Asbeck, Y Taur, SE Laux, and N Sano

Dissipative Quantum Transport using the Pauli Master Equation, B Fu and MV Fischetti

An ILP Based ATPG Technique for Multiple Aggressor Crosstalk Faults Considering the Effects of Gate Delays, K Ganeshipure and S Kundu

Asymptotic Connectivity Properties of Cooperative Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, D Goeckel, BY Liu, D Towsley, LR Wang, and C Westphal

Optimizing Data Flow Graphs to Minimize Hardware Implementation, D Gomez-Prado, Q Ren, M Ciesielski, J Guillot, and E Boutillon

Analyzing Human Centric Data for Sharing Mobile Internet with Social Buddies, S Gurumurthy and A Ganz

Techniques for Policy Enforcement on Encrypted Network Traffic, YS Hanay and T Wolf

Power-Up SRAM State as an Identifying Fingerprint and Source of True Random Numbers, DE Holcomb, WP Burleson, and K Fu

A Wavelength Scaled Array of Doubly-Mirrored Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi Antennas (Dm-BAVAs), SS Holland, W Wang, R Kindt, DH Schaubert, and MN Vouvakis

An Optimization Framework for Demand-based Fair Stream Allocation in MIMO Ad Hoc Networks, SK Jaiswal, A Ganz, and R Mettu

Transitional probabilities for the four-state random walk on a lattice in the presence of partially reflecting boundaries, R Janaswamy

Transparent Boundary Condition for the Parabolic Equation Modeled by the 4RW, R Janaswamy

A Self-Adaptive System Architecture to Address Transistor Aging, O Khan and S Kundu

Hardware/Software Co-design Architecture for Thermal Management of Chip Multiprocessors, O Khan and S Kundu

Predictive Thermal Management for Chip Multiprocessors Using Co-designed Virtual Machines, O Khan and S Kundu

Empirical pseudopotential calculation of band structure and deformation potentials of biaxially strained semiconductors, J Kim and MV Fischetti

Virtual circular array using material-embedded linear source distributions, DH Kwon

Characterization of carboxylesterase-mediated pirimicarb resistance in Myzus persicae, DH Kwon, BR Choi, SW Lee, JM Clark, and SH Lee

Analysis of Maximum Received Power by Arbitrary Lossless Arrays, DH Kwon and DM Pozar

Optimal Characteristics of an Arbitrary Receive Antenna, DH Kwon and DM Pozar

Flat Focusing Lens Designs Based on Transformation Electromagnetics, DH Kwon, E Semouchkina, and DH Werner

Beam Scanning Using Flat Transformation Electromagnetic Focusing Lenses, DH Kwon and DH Werner

Flat focusing lens designs having minimized reflection based on coordinate transformation techniques, DH Kwon and DH Werner

Transformation Electromagnetic Design of Beam Polarization Rotators, DH Kwon and DH Werner

Transparent TCP acceleration, S Ladiwala, R Ramaswamy, and T Wolf