Submissions from 2009

Analysis and Mitigation of Process Variation Impacts on Power-Attack Tolerance, L Lin and W Burleson

Trojan Side-Channels: Lightweight Hardware Trojans through Side-Channel Engineering, L Lin, M Kasper, T Guneysu, C Paar, and W Burleson

Linear-quadratic-Gaussian control for adaptive optics systems using a hybrid model, DP Looze


A Monitor Interconnect and Support Subsystem for Multicore Processors, Sailaja Madduri, Ramakrishna Vadlamani, Wayne Burleson, and Russell Tessier

Surface mount end-fire antenna package, A Mandeville and RW Jackson

Airborne imagery of ocean mixed-layer convective patterns, GO Marmorino, GB Smith, JV Toporkov, MA Sletten, D Perkovic, and SJ Frasier

An ADI-PE Approach for Modeling Radio Transmission Loss in Tunnels, R Martelly and R Janaswamy

Propagation Prediction in Rough and Branched Tunnels by the ADI-PE Technique, R Martelly and R Janaswamy

Short Wavelength Technology and the Potential for Distributed Networks of Small Radar Systems, DJ McLaughlin and V Chandrasekar

Distributed Weather Radar Using X-Band Active Arrays, DJ McLaughlin, EA Knapp, Y Wang, and V Chandrasekar

SHORT-WAVELENGTH TECHNOLOGY AND THE POTENTIAL FOR DISTRIBUTED NETWORKS OF SMALL RADAR SYSTEMS, D McLaughlin, D Pepyne, V Chandrasekar, B Philips, J Kurose, M Zink, K Droegemeier, S Cruz-Pol, F Junyent, J Brotzge, D Westbrook, N Bharadwaj, YT Wang, E Lyons, K Hondl, YX Liu, E Knapp, M Xue, A Hopf, K Kloesel, A DeFonzo, P Kollias, K Brewster, R Contreras, B Dolan, T Djaferis, E Insanic, S Frasier, and F Carr

A Study on Placement of Post Silicon Clock Tuning Buffers for Mitigating Impact of Process Variation, K Nagaraj and S Kundu

Validating Cascading of Crossbar Circuits with an Integrated Device-Circuit Exploration, P Narayanan, CA Moritz, KW Park, and CO Chui

Geometry-aware Probabilistic Communications for Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, M Nekoui and H Pishro-Nik

The Effect of VII Market Penetration on Safety and Efficiency of Transportation Networks, M Nekoui and H Pishro-Nik

Improving Yield and Reliability of Chip Multiprocessors, A Pan, O Khan, and S Kundu

A Design Methodology for Finite Phased Arrays and Repetitive Structures, GN Paraschos and MN Vouvakis

Longshore Surface Currents Measured by Doppler Radar and Video PIV Techniques, D Perkovic, TC Lippmann, and SJ Frasier

Connectivity properties of large-scale sensor networks, H Pishro-Nik, K Chan, and F Fekri

Density-matrix-based algorithm for solving eigenvalue problems, E Polizzi

Analysis of network processing workloads, R Ramaswamy, N Weng, and T Wolf

Optical Lithography Simulation using Wavelet Transform, R Rodrigues, A Sreedhar, and S Kundu

On LDPC Codes over Symmetric Channels, H Saeedi and H Pishro-Nik

On systematic design of universally capacity approaching rate-compatible sequences of LDPC code ensembles over binary-input output-symmetric memoryless channels, H Saeedi, H Pishro-Nik, and AH Banibashemi

An Improved Soft-Error Rate Measurement Technique, A Sanyal, K Ganeshpure, and S Kundu

A Study on Impact of Loading Effect on Capacitive Crosstalk Noise, A Sanyal, A Pan, and S Kundu

A comparison of lidar, radar, and field measurements of canopy height in pine and hardwood forests of southeastern North America, JO Sexton, T Bax, P Siqueira, JJ Swenson, and S Hensley

Automated Service Composition in Next-Generation Networks, S Shanbhag, X Huang, S Proddatoori, and T Wolf

Accurate Anomaly Detection through Parallelism, S Shanbhag and T Wolf

On Linewidth-based Yield Analysis for Nanometer Lithography, A Sreedhar and S Kundu

Statistical Timing Analysis based on Simulation of Lithographic Process, A Sreedhar and S Kundu

Event-driven adaptive duty-cycling in sensor networks, S Sundaresan, I Koren, Z Koren, and CM Krishna

Application-Specific Customization and Scalability of Soft Multiprocessors, D Unnikrishnan, J Zhao, and R Tessier

A security approach for off-chip memory in embedded microprocessor systems, R Vaslin, G Gogniat, JP Diguet, E Wanderley, R Tessier, and W Burleson

On Understanding Transient Interdomain Routing Failures, F Wang, J Qiu, LX Gao, and J Wang

Heterogeneous Two-Level Logic and Its Density and Fault Tolerance Implications in Nanoscale Fabrics, T Wang, P Narayanan, and CA Moritz

BT-POD: A Parallel and Error-Controllable Wideband Model Reduction Method for Frequency-Domain Simulations, W Wang, GN Paraschos, and MN Vouvakis

Analytic Modeling of Network Processors for Parallel Workload Mapping, N Weng and T Wolf

Burstiness as Traffic Metric in Next-Generation Optical Core Networks, T Wolf, WB Gong, and Y Cai


Design of a Secure Router System for Next-Generation Networks, Tilman Wolf and Russell Tessier

A High-Performance Capabilities-Based Network Protocol, T Wolf and KT Vasudevan

Recognizing and Responding to Student Affect, B Woolf, T Dragon, I Arroyo, D Cooper, W Burleson, and K Muldner

Runtime Resource Allocation in Multi-Core Packet Processing Systems, Q Wu and T Wolf

The Capacity of MIMO Systems with Increasing SNR by Electromagnetic Analysis, J Xu, DL Goeckel, and R Janaswamy

A Double-Angular Propagation Model With Cluster Scattering, J Xu and R Janaswamy

Angular Correlation Properties With Random Multiple Scattering, J Xu and R Janaswamy

Tetris-XL: A Performance-Driven Spill Reduction Technique for Embedded VLIW Processors, WF Xu and R Tessier


A Family of Electronically Reconfigurable Nanodevices, Jianhua Yang, Julien Borghetti, David Murphy, Duncan Stewart, and R Stanley Williams


The mechanism of electroforming of metal oxide memristive switches, Jianhua Yang, Feng Miao, Matthew Pickett, Douglas Ohlberg, Duncan Stewart, Chun Ning Lau, and R Stanley Williams

Mode Decomposition Techniques for Electronic Structure Calculations of 3D Nanowire Devices, D Zhang and E Polizzi

Calculation of Hole Mobility in Ge and III-V p-Channels, Y Zhang and MV Fischetti

Physical modeling of strain-dependent hole mobility in Ge p-channel inversion layers, Y Zhang, MV Fischetti, B Soree, W Magnus, M Heyns, and M Meuris

Submissions from 2008

An Information-Theoretic Measure for the Computational Fidelity of Physical Processes, NG Anderson

Information Acquisition at the Nanoscale: Fundamental Considerations, NG Anderson

Information erasure in quantum systems, NG Anderson

A scalable datalogging system with serial interfaces and integrated GPS time stamping, M Behn, V Hohreiter, and A Muschinski

Data Memory Subsystem Resilient to Process Variations, M Bennaser, Y Guo, and CA Moritz

Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations and risk for hip fractures, JA Cauley, AZ LaCroix, L Wu, M Horwitz, ME Danielson, DC Bauer, JS Lee, RD Jackson, JA Robbins, C Wu, FZ Stanczyk, MS LeBoff, J Wactawski-Wende, G Sarto, J Ockene, and SR Cummings

Topology Reconstruction via Path Recording in Secure MANET, D Chasaki, YS Hanay, and T Wolf

Effects of wind field inhomogeneities on Doppler beam swinging revealed by an imaging radar, BL Cheong, TY Yu, RD Palmer, KF Yang, MW Hoffman, SJ Frasier, and FJ Lopez-Dekker

A comparison of frequency-division systems to code-division systems in overloaded channels, JH Cho, Q Zhang, and LX Gao

High-Resolution Observations of Insects in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer, RF Contreras and SJ Frasier

Temperature Measurement in Content Addressable Memory Cells using Bias-Controlled VCO, B Datta and WP Burleson

A computational model of the human thyroid, M Degon, SR Chipkin, CV Hollot, RT Zoeller, and Y Chait

Effect of contact angle hysteresis on the measurement of capillary forces, EJ De Souza, LC Gao, TJ McCarthy, E Arzt, and AJ Crosby

Viewing student affect and learning through classroom observation and physical sensors, T Dragon, I Arroyo, BP Woolf, W Burleson, R el Kaliouby, and H Eydgahi

On detection of resistive bridging defects by low-temperature and low-voltage testing, P Engelke, I Polian, M Renovell, S Kundu, B Seshadri, and B Becker

Terahertz detection in single wall carbon nanotubes, K Fu, R Zannoni, C Chan, SH Adams, J Nicholson, E Polizzi, and KS Yngvesson

Superhydrophobicity and contact-line issues, LC Gao, AY Fadeev, and TJ McCarthy

The redshift dependence of the structure of massive Lambda cold dark matter haloes, L Gao, JF Navarro, S Cole, CS Frenk, SDM White, V Springel, A Jenkins, and AF Neto

Reconfigurable hardware for high-security/high-performance embedded systems: The SAFES perspective, G Gogniat, T Wolf, W Burleson, JP Diguet, L Bossuet, and R Vaslin

Synchronization coherence: A transparent hardware mechanism for cache coherence and fine-grained synchronization, Y Guo, V Vlassov, R Ashok, R Weiss, and CA Moritz

Modeling Distributed Beamforming in Wireless Networks, K Hardwick, D Goeckel, and D Towsley

RTL Dynamic Power Optimization for FPGAs, D Howland and R Tessier

A Distributed Routing Algorithm for Networks with Data-Path Services, X Huang, S Ganapathy, and T Wolf

A Scalable Distributed Routing Protocol for Networks with Data-Path Services, X Huang, S Ganapathy, and T Wolf

Evaluating dynamic task mapping in network processor runtime systems, X Huang and T Wolf

Transitional probabilities for the 4-state random walk on a lattice, R Janaswamy

Compact Expressions for Period Jitter of Global Binary Clock Trees, J Jang, O Franza, and W Burleson

Period jitter estimation in global clock trees, J Jang, O Franza, and W Burleson

Differential conductance fluctuations in silicon nanowire transistors caused by quasiballistic transport and scattering induced intersubband transitions, S Jin, MV Fischetti, and TW Tang

Theoretical Study of Carrier Transport in Silicon Nanowire Transistors Based on the Multisubband Boltzmann Transport Equation, S Jin, MV Fischetti, and TW Tang

Simulation of silicon nanowire transistors using Boltzmann transport equation under relaxation time approximation, S Jin, TW Tang, and MV Fischetti

Optimization of Frequency-Shifted Reference Ultrawideband Systems, H Joshi, ZG Lai, K Morrison, C Capar, and D Goeckel

Active Antenna Module for Low-Cost Electronically Scanned Phased Arrays, N Khandelwal and RW Jackson

Temporal Parallel Gate-level Timing Simulation, D Kim, M Ciesielski, K Shim, and S Yang

Radiation Q and gain of TM and TE sources in phase-delayed rotated configurations, DH Kwon

Polarization splitter and polarization rotator designs based on transformation optics, DH Kwon and DH Werner

Transformation optical designs for wave collimators, flat lenses and right-angle bends, DH Kwon and DH Werner

Determination of permethrin resistance allele frequency of human head louse populations by quantitative sequencing, DH Kwon, KS Yoon, JP Strycharz, JM Clark, and SH Lee

Performance of UWB Systems in the Presence of Severe Multipath and Narrowband Interference, ZG Lai, H Joshi, D Goeckel, D Gupta, D Gupta, and A Mathew

AGRO 136-Molecular mechanisms and monitoring of permethrin resistance in human head lice, SH Lee, JM Clark, KS Yoon, and DH Kwon

Work In Progress - Implications of The Mastery Approach For Rates of Learning and Assessment, WJ Leonard, WJ Gerace, and CV Hollot

Mastering Circuit Analysis: An innovative approach to a foundational sequence, WJ Leonard, CV Hollot, and WJ Gerace

A sampling theorem approach to traffic sensor optimization, WL Leow, DH Ni, and H Pishro-Nik

Leakage-based differential power analysis (LDPA) on sub-90nm CMOS cryptosystems, L Lin and W Burleson

Optimization of Controller Parameters to Minimize Residual Variance in Adaptive Optics Systems - art. no. 701537, DP Looze

Structure of a Hybrid Signal LQG Controller for Adaptive Optics - art. no. 701536, DP Looze

Evolution of ocean slicks under a rising wind, GO Marmorino, GB Smith, JV Toporkov, MA Sletten, D Perkovic, and SJ Frasier

An Automatic Post Silicon Clock Tuning System for Improving System Performance based on Tester Measurements, K Nagaraj and S Kundu