Submissions from 2008

Power-efficient topology control for static wireless networks with switched beam directional antennas, V Namboodiri, LX Gao, and R Janaswamy

Comparison of Analog and Digital Nanosystems: Issues for the Nano-Architect, P Narayanan, T Wang, M Leuchtenburg, and CA Moritz


Scaling laws for distance limited communications in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, M Nekoui, A Eslami, and H Pishro-Nik

The Capacity of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks with Infrastructure, M Nekoui, A Eslami, and H Pishro-Nik

A Geometrical Analysis of Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks for Safety Applications, M Nekoui and H Pishro-Nik

VANET capacity scaling under the Physical Model, M Nekoui and H Pishro-Nik

A Low Cost Scheme for Reducing Silent Data Corruption in Large Arithmetic Circuits, A Pan, JW Tschanz, and S Kundu

Embedded systems security - an overview, S Parameswaran and T Wolf

Radiation and Coupling Studies of Finite-size Dual Polarized Vivaldi Arrays Using a Domain Decomposition FEM, GN Paraschos, R Kindt, DH Schaubert, and MN Vouvakis

Stability Analysis of Some Non-conforming FETI Domain Decomposition Methods for Electromagnetic Problems, GN Paraschos and MN Vouvakis

Distributed Collaborative Adaptive Sensor networks for remote sensing applications, D Pepyne, D Westbrook, B Philips, E Lyons, M Zink, and J Kurose

Marine Doppler radar surface current measurements in the surf zone, D Perkovic, SJ Frasier, and TC Lippmann

Message-efficient dissemination for loop-free centralized routing, H Peterson, S Sen, J Chandrashekar, LX Gao, R Guerin, and ZL Zhang

On composite leakage current maximization, A Rastogi, KP Ganeshpure, A Sanyal, and S Kundu

Architecture for Low Cost Electronically Steered Phased Arrays, M Sanchez-Barbetty and RW Jackson

A bluilt-in self-test scheme for soft error rate characterization, A Sanyal, SM Alam, and S Kundu

A built-in test and characterization method for circuit marginality related failures, A Sanyal and S Kundu

Looking ahead: The future of RF technology, military and homeland perspectives, M Sarcione, N Kolias, M Booen, D McLaughlin, MCF Chang, and A Hajimiri

Massively Parallel Anomaly Detection in Online Network Measurement, S Shanbhag and T Wolf

Modeling and Analysis of Non-Rectangular Transistors Caused by Lithographic Distortions, A Sreedhar and S Kundu

Statistical Yield Modeling for Sub-wavelength Lithography, A Sreedhar and S Kundu

On modeling and testing of lithography related open faults in nano-CMOS circuits, A Sreedhar, A Sanyal, and S Kundu

VolunteerGet - A novel information system for engaging society in volunteering for emergency care, V Varadarajan and A Ganz

Design automation and CAD corner, M Vouvakis

An Adaptive Resource Partitioning Algorithm for SMT Processors, HP Wang, I Koren, and CM Krishna

NASICs: A Nanoscale Fabric for Nanoscale Microprocessors, T Wang, P Narayanan, M Leuchtenburg, and CA Moritz

METCRAX 2006 Meteorological Experiments in Arizona's Meteor Crater, CD Whiteman, A Muschinski, S Zhong, D Fritts, SW Hoch, M Hahnenberger, WQ Yao, V Hohreiter, M Behn, Y Cheon, CB Clements, TW Horst, WOJ Brown, and SP Oncley

Guest editorial for special issue on embedded system security, T Wolf and S Parameswaran

Dynamic Workload Profiling and Task Allocation in Packet Processing Systems, Q Wu and T Wolf

Decomposition properties in fluid queues, YJ Wu, WB Gong, and D Towsley

On the diffusion of electromagnetic waves and applicability of diffusion equation to multipath random media, J Xu and R Janaswamy


Memristive switching mechanism for matal/oxide/metal nano-devices, Jianhua Yang, Matthew Pickett, Xuema Li, Douglas Ohlberg, Duncan Stewart, and R. Stanley Williams

Core Test Wrapper Design to Reduce Test Application Time for Modular SoC Testing, H Yi and S Kundu

A Design-for-Debug (DfD) for NoC-based SoC Debugging via NoC, H Yi, S Park, and S Kundu

Microwave and Terahertz Detection in Bundles of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes, KS Yngvesson, K Fu, B Fu, R Zannoni, SH Adams, A Ouarraoui, E Carrion, J Donovan, M Muthee, J Nicholson, and E Polizzi

Biochemical and Molecular Analysis of Deltamethrin Resistance in the Common Bed Bug (Hemiptera: Cimicidae), KS Yoon, DH Kwon, JP Strycharz, CS Hollingsworth, SH Lee, and JM Clark

Linear scaling techniques for first-principle calculations of large nanowire devices, D Zhang and E Polizzi

Watch global, cache local: YouTube network traffic at a campus network - Measurements and implications - art. no. 681805, M Zink, K Suh, Y Gu, and J Kurose

Submissions from 2007

Quantum subspace measurements, NG Anderson

Close-range observations of tornadoes in supercells made with a dual-polarization, X-band, mobile Doppler radar, HB Bluestein, MM French, RL Tanamachi, S Frasier, K Hardwick, F Junyent, and AL Pazmany

The structure of tornadoes near Attica, Kansas, on 12 May 2004: High-resolution, mobile, Doppler radar observations, HB Bluestein, CC Weiss, MM French, EM Holthaus, RL Tanamachi, S Frasier, and AL Pazmany

An operation-centered approach to fault detection in symmetric cryptography ciphers, L Breveglieri, I Koren, and P Maistri

Angle-of-arrival anemometry by means of a large-aperture Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope equipped with a CCD camera, Y Cheon, V Hohreiter, M Behn, and A Muschinski

Closed-form approximations for the angle-of-arrivid variance of plane and spherical waves propagating through homogeneous and isotropic turbulence, Y Cheon and A Muschinski

WISTA: A wireless Telemedicine system for disaster patient care, YC Chu and A Ganz

Data-flow transformations using Taylor expansion diagrams, M Ciesielski, S Askar, D Gomez-Prado, J Guillot, and E Boutillon

Return from insects in the clear-air convective boundary layer, RF Contreras and SJ Frasier

The effect of rain on retrieval of C- and Ku-band scatterometer surface winds during Hurricanes Lili (2002) and Isabel (2003), RF Contreras, SJ Frasier, D Esteban-Fernandez, and P Chang

Low-power and robust on-chip thermal sensing using differential ring oscillators', B Datta and W Burleson

Low power on-chip thermal sensors based on wires, B Datta and WP Burleson

Provisioning link layer proportional service differentiation in wireless networks with smart antennas, A Deopura and A Ganz

Simulation of minimal infrastructure short-range radar networks, BC Donovan, DJ McLaughlin, M Zink, and J Kurose

On the use of multiantenna radars for spaceborne Doppler precipitation measurements, SL Durden, PR Siqueira, and S Tanelli

How to lease the Internet in your spare time, N Feamster, LX Gao, and J Rexford

Theoretical study of some physical aspects of electronic transport in nMOSFETs at the 10-nm gate-length, MV Fischetti, TP O'Regan, S Narayanan, C Sachs, S Jin, J Kim, and Y Zhang

Simulation of electron transport in high-mobility MOSFETs: Density of states bottleneck and source starvation, MV Fischetti, L Wang, B Yu, C Sachs, PM Asbeck, Y Taur, and M Rodwell

Design of a network service architecture, S Ganapathy and T Wolf

Automatic test pattern generation for maximal circuit noise in multiple aggressor crosstalk faults, KP Ganeshpure and S Kundu

On ATPG for multiple aggressor crosstalk faults in presence of gate delays, KP Ganeshpure and S Kundu

A pattern generation technique for maximizing power supply currents, K Ganeshpure, A Sanyal, and S Kundu

A systems approach to teaching Trustworthy Computing, A Ganz and A Kumar

Special section on "Autonomous silicon validation and testing of microprocessors and microprocessor-based systems", D Gizopoulos, RC Aitken, and S Kundu

A class of ultra wideband (UWB) systems with simple receivers, DL Goeckel, J Mehlman, and J Burkhart

Slightly frequency-shifted reference ultra-wideband (UWB) radio, DL Goeckel and Q Zhang

An adaptive algorithm for fault tolerant re-routing in wireless sensor networks, M Gregoire and I Koren

A new method for solving routing and wavelength assignment problems in optical networks, XH Guan, SG Guo, QZ Zhai, WB Gong, and CM Qiao

Congestion control for small buffer high speed networks, Y Gu, D Towsley, CV Hollot, and H Zhang

Achievable rates for network coding on the exchange channel, YG Hao, D Goeckel, ZG Ding, D Towsley, and KK Leung

Two-level stochastic fluid tandem queuing model for burst impact analysis, Y Huang, Y Liu, W Gong, and D Towsley

Solution of BVPs in Electrodynamics by Stochastic Methods, R Janaswamy

Surface roughness scattering in ultrathin-body SOI MOSFETs, S Jin, MV Fischetti, and TW Tang

Modeling of electron mobility in gated silicon nanowires at room temperature: Surface roughness scattering, dielectric screening, and band nonparabolicity, SH Jin, MV Fischetti, and TW Tang

Modeling of surface-roughness scattering in ultrathin-body SOI MOSFETs, SH Jin, MV Fischetti, and TW Tang

Provisioning link layer proportional service differentiation in wireless ad hoc networks with MIMO links, A Kumar and A Ganz

Distributed Collaborative Adaptive Sensing: A unifying theme for a junior level embedded systems course., D Kumar and W Burleson

Does test have a greater role to play in the DFM process?, S Kundu

Forbidden pitches in sub-wavelength lithography and their implications on design, S Kundu, A Sreedhar, and A Sanyal


Delay and energy tradeoff in multi-state wireless sensor networks, W. L. Leow, Hossein Pishro-Nik, and Daiheng Ni

Modeling redundancy-based routing in delay tolerant networks, Y Liao, K Tan, ZS Zhang, and LX Gao

Cooperative robust forwarding scheme in DTNs using erasure coding, Y Liao, Z Zhang, B Ryu, and L Gao

Discrete-time model of an adaptive optics system, DP Looze

Current-sensing and repeater hybrid circuit technique for on-chip interconnects, A Maheshwari and W Burleson

Ocean mixed-layer depth and current variation estimated from imagery of surfactant streaks, GO Marmorino, JV Toporkov, GB Smith, MA Sletten, D Perkovic, S Frasier, and KP Judd

Propagation in tunnels using the parabolic equation and the ADI technique, R Martelly and R Janaswamy

Modeling photoreflectance of quantum well heterostructures: A comprehensive approach, LM Mayhew, DL Trivedi, and NG Anderson

Fault-tolerant nanoscale processors on semiconductor nanowire grids, CA Moritz, T Wang, P Narayanan, M Leuchtenburg, Y Guo, C Dezan, and M Bermaser

Prediction-based routing for vehicular ad hoc networks, V Namboodiri and L Gao

Remote phonon scattering in Si and Ge with SiO2 and HfO2 insulators: Does the electron mobility determine short channel performance?, T O'Regan and M Fischetti

Results on punctured low-density parity-check codes and improved iterative decoding techniques, H Pishro-Nik and F Fekri

Power droop testing, P Polian, A Czutro, S Kundu, and B Becker

Detecting bogus BGP route information: Going beyond prefix hijacking, J Qiu, L Gao, S Ranjan, and A Nucci

Fair bandwidth allocation framework for heterogeneous multi-radio wireless mesh networks, S Raman, A Ganz, and RR Mettu

High-speed prefix-preserving IP address anonymization for passive measurement systems, R Ramaswamy and T Wolf

On estimating impact of loading effect on leakage current in sub-65nm scaled CMOS circuits based on Newton-Raphson method, A Rastogi, W Chen, and S Kundu

An efficient technique for leakage current estimation in sub 65nm scaled CMOS circuits based on loading effect, A Rastogi, W Chen, A Sanyal, and S Kundu

Introduction to the Issue on Performance Limits of Ultra-Wideband Systems, BM Sadler, D Goeckel, ML Honig, AJ van der Veen, and ZY Xu

Accelerating soft error rate testing through pattern selection, A Sanyal, K Ganeshpure, and S Kundu

On accelerating soft-error detection by targeted pattern generation, A Sanyal, K Ganeshpure, and S Kundu

On derating soft error probability strength filtering based on strength filtering, A Sanyal and S Kundu