Submissions from 2007

Probability propagation approach to left ventricular volume estimation from three-dimensional echocardiography, IS Shin, PA Kelly, DA Tighe, and M Rosetti

Variable precision two-channel phase, amplitude, and timing measurements for radar interferometry and polarimetry, P Siqueira, R Ahmed, JW Wirth, and A Bachmann

A cross-track Ku-band interferometer for topographic and volumetric depth measurements, P Siqueira, K Srinivasan, E Insanic, and R Ahmed

On Modeling Impact of Sub-Wavelength Lithography on Transistors, A Sreedhar and S Kundu

Analog signal processing for ultra high speed data communication, J Sun, DV Gupta, PA Kelly, and WB Gong

Priority based inter-vehicle communication in vehicular ad-hoc networks using IEEE 802.11e, C Suthaputchakun and A Ganz

Power-efficient RAM mapping algorithms for FPGA embedded memory blocks, R Tessier, V Betz, D Neto, A Egier, and T Gopalsamy

Power-Aware FPGA Logic Synthesis Using Binary Decision Diagrams, KO Tinmaung, D Howland, and R Tessier

Rainfall estimation and rain gauge comparison for X-band polarimetric CASA radars, JM Trabal and DJ McLaughlin

A highly reliable FSO/RF communication system using efficient codes, S Vangala and H Pishro-Nik

Optimal hybrid RF-wireless optical communication for maximum efficiency and reliability, S Vangala and H Pishro-Nik

Improving application performance over error prone routes in internet: Joint impact of coding interleaving, and ARQ, S Vangala, H Pishro-Nik, and B Doshi

Examining performance enhancement of p-channel strained-SiGe MOSFET devices, D Vasileska, S Krishnan, and M Fischetti

An energy-efficient multi-bit quaternary current-mode signaling for on-chip interconnects, V Venkatraman and W Burleson

A domain decomposition approach for non-conformal couplings between finite and boundary elements for unbounded electromagnetic problems in R-3, M Vouvakis, K Zhao, SM Seo, and JF Lee

On inferring and characterizing Internet routing policies, F Wang and L Gao

Combining 2-level logic families in grid-based nanoscale fabrics, T Wang, P Narayanan, and CA Moritz

A credential-based data path architecture for assurable global networking, T Wolf

Assessing the Impact of Inking Technology in a Large Digital Design Course, T Wolf

Stochastic sampling for Internet traffic measurement, T Wolf, Y Cai, P Kelly, and WB Gong

Stochastic sampling for Internet traffic measurement, T Wolf, Y Cai, P Kelly, and WB Gong

Runtime support for multicore pocket processing systems, T Wolf, N Weng, and CH Tai

A measurement study of persistent forwarding loops on the Internet, H Xia, L Gao, and T Fei

Dense parity check based secrecy sharing in wireless communications, S Xiao, H Pishro-Nik, and WB Gong

Diffusion of electromagnetic waves in multipath media, J Xu and R Janaswamy

Electromagnetic degrees of freedom in 2-D scattering environments (vol 54, pg 3882, 2006), J Xu and R Janaswamy

Thermal impacts on NoC interconnects, S Xu, I Benito, and W Burleson

Tetris: A New Register Pressure Control Technique for VLIW Processors, WF Xu and R Tessier

Peak power reduction in closed-loop MIMO-OFDM systems via mode reservation, H Zhang and DL Goeckel

Adaptive signaling based on statistical characterizations of outdated feedback in wireless communications, H Zhang, S Wei, G Ananthaswamy, and DL Goeckel

Multiple-access slightly frequency-shifted reference ultra-wideband communications for dense multipath channels, Q Zhang and DL Goeckel

Software-based failure detection and recovery in programmable network interfaces, YZ Zhou, V Lakamraju, I Koren, and CM Krishna

Modeling and simulation study of the propagation and defense of internet e-mail worms, CC Zou, D Towsley, and WB Gong

Submissions from 2006

Accessible information from molecular-scale volumes in electronic systems: Fundamental physical limits, NG Anderson

Testing and Validation of the CASA DCAS System, A Bekkerman, V Lakamraju, I Koren, and CM Krishna

Process variation-aware V-dd assignment technique for repeated interconnects, I Benito, V Venkatraman, and W Burleson

Power and failure analysis of CAM cells due to process variations, M Bennaser and CA Moritz

Guest editors' introduction: Special section on fault diagnosis and tolerance in cryptography, L Breveglieri and I Koren

A fault attack against the FOX cipher family, L Breveglieri, I Koren, and P Maistri

Incorporating error detection in an RSA architecture, L Breveglieri, I Koren, P Maistri, and M Ravasio

Collaborative adaptive sensing of the atmosphere - New radar system for improving analysis and forecasting of surface weather conditions, JA Brotzge, K Droegemeier, and DJ McLaughlin

Phased-array design for biological clutter rejection: Simulation and experimental validation, BL Cheong, MW Hoffman, RD Palmer, SJ Frasier, and FJ Lopez-Dekker

A MAC protocol for QoS support in MI-UWB based wireless network (Invited paper), YC Chu and A Ganz

Taylor expansion diagrams: A canonical representation for verification of data flow designs, M Ciesielski, P Kalla, and S Askar

An Energy Consumption Model for Off-The-Grid Radar Networks, BC Donovan, J Kurose, and DJ McLaughlin

How to select a good alternate path in large peer-to-peer systems?, T Fei, S Tao, LX Gao, and R Guerin

Light-weight overlay path selection in a peer-to-peer environment, T Fei, S Tao, LX Gao, R Guerin, and ZL Zhang

Dual-polarized C- and Ku-band ocean backscatter response to hurricane-force winds, DE Fernandez, JR Carswell, S Frasier, PS Chang, PG Black, and FD Marks

Linear filtering approaches for phase calibration of airborne arrays, DL Goeckel and JB Mead

Silicon CMOS devices beyond scaling, W Haensch, EJ Nowak, RH Dennard, PM Solomon, A Bryant, OH Dokumaci, A Kumar, X Wang, JB Johnson, and MV Fischetti

Multi-path TCP: A joint congestion control and routing scheme to exploit path diversity in the Internet, HZ Han, S Shakkottai, CV Hollot, R Srikant, and D Towsley

Surface refractive index field estimation from multiple radars, YG Hao, D Goeckel, R Janaswamy, and S Frasier

Scout: Outdoor localization using active RFID technology, X Huang, R Janaswamy, and A Ganz

Fabrication of a miniaturized spectrometer based on MMIC technology to retrieve the 3-D tropospheric water vapor field, F Iturbide-Sanchez, SC Reising, and RW Jackson

Rollett proviso in the stability of linear microwave circuits - A tutorial, RW Jackson

Guest editorial - Contributions from the 13th topical meeting on electrical performance of electronic packaging, RW Jackson and M Cases

An indoor pathloss model at 60 GHz based on transport theory, R Janaswamy

MUSIK: Multimedia Service Integration Framework for Smart Environments, R Kothari and A Ganz

Self-consistent full band two-dimensional Monte Carlo two-dimensional Poisson device solver for modeling SiGe p-channel devices, S Krishnan, M Fischetti, and D Vasileska

A design for failure analysis (DFFA) technique to ensure incorruptible signatures, S Kundu

Is the concern for soft errors overblown?, S Kundu, K Roy, R Galivanche, V Narayanan, R Raina, and P Sanda


An end-user-responsive sensor network architecture for hazardous weather detection, prediction and response, Jim Kurose, Eric Lyons, David McLaughlin, David Pepyne, Brenda Philips, David Westbrook, and Michael Zink

Specular propagation over rough surfaces: numerical assessment of Uscinski and Stanek's mean Green's function technique, Z Lai and R Janaswamy

The throughput order of ad hoc networks employing network coding and broadcasting, JN Liu, D Goeckel, and D Towsley

Digital vs. analog comparison of adaptive optics systems - art. no. 627238, DP Looze

Minimum variance control structure for adaptive optics systems, DP Looze

Comparison of tip-tilt controllers using the STRAP wavefront sensor in the W.M. Keck Observatory laser guide star adaptive optics system - art. no. 62724L, DP Looze, MA van Dam, and EM Johansson

Influence of defects on nanotube transistor performance, N Neophytou, D Kienle, E Polizzi, and MP Anantram

Design and evaluation of multichannel multirate wireless networks, S Pandey and A Ganz

Proportional service differentiation for multichannel wireless networks, S Pandey and A Ganz

Analysis of finite unreliable sensor grids, H Pishro-Nik

Performance of low-density parity-check codes with linear minimum distance, H Pishro-Nik and F Fekri

CASA and LEAD: Adaptive cyberinfrastructure for real-time multiscale weather forecasting, B Plale, D Gannon, J Brotzge, K Droegemeier, J Kurose, D McLaughlin, R Wilhelmson, S Graves, M Ramamurthy, RD Clark, S Yalda, DA Reed, E Joseph, and V Chandrasekar

Robust egress interdomain traffic engineering, J Qiu and LX Gao

BGP rerouting solutions for transient routing failures and loops, J Qiu, F Wang, and LX Gao

Direct and heterodyne detection of microwaves in a metallic single wall carbon nanotube, F Rodriguez-Morales, R Zannoni, J Nicholson, M Fischetti, KS Yngvesson, and J Appenzeller

Cooperative communications in mobile ad hoc networks, A Scaglione, DL Goeckel, and JN Laneman

Collaboration improves the connectivity of wireless networks, SQ Song, DL Goeckel, and D Towsley

Military Inter-Vehicle Communication with message priority using IEEE 802.11e, C Suthaputchakun and A Ganz

Passive charge modulation for a wireless pressure sensor, CB Theurer, L Zhang, DO Kazmer, RX Gao, and RW Jackson

Considerations for bistatic probing of clear-air winds in the atmospheric boundary layer, ZC Tulu, SJ Frasier, R Janaswamy, and DJ McLaughlin

Optimal power allocation in wireless networks with transmitter-receiver power tradeoffs, S Vasudevan, C Zhang, D Goeckel, and D Towsley

A low-swing signaling circuit technique for 65nm on-chip interconnects, V Venkatraman, M Anders, H Kaul, W Burleson, and R Krishnamurthy

A FEM domain decomposition method for photonic and electromagnetic band gap structures, MN Vouvakis, Z Cendes, and JF Lee

Finite-element analysis of infinite periodic structures with nonmatching triangulations, MN Vouvakis, KZ Zhao, and JF Lee


A measurement study on the impact of routing events on end-to-end Internet path performance, Feng Wang, Zhuoqing Morley Mao, Jia Wang, Lixin Gao, and Randy Bush

Compiler-based adaptive fetch throttling for energy-efficiency, HP Wang, Y Guo, I Koren, and CM Krishna

A polynomial-time algorithm for de novo protein backbone structure determination from nuclear magnetic resonance data, LC Wang, RR Mettu, and BR Donald

Asynchronous cooperative diversity, SQ Wei, DL Goeckel, and MC Valenti

Challenges and applications for network-processor-based programmable routers, T Wolf

Service-centric end-to-end abstractions in next-generation networks, T Wolf

Performance models for network processor design, T Wolf and MA Franklin

On the lifetime of large scale sensor networks, Q Xue and A Ganz

Proportional service differentiation in wireless LANs using spacing-based channel occupancy regulation, Q Xue, WB Gong, and A Ganz

Electromagnetic degrees of freedom in 2-D scattering environments, J Xu and R Janaswamy

Energy-aware differential current sensing for global on-chip interconnects, S Xu, V Venkatraman, and W Burleson

Hybrid-orientation technology (HOT): Opportunities and challenges, M Yang, VWC Chan, KK Chan, L Shi, DM Fried, JH Stathis, AI Chou, E Gusev, JA Ott, LE Burns, MV Fischetti, and M Ieong

Rapid hybrid acquisition of ultra-wideband signals, HL Zhang, DL Goeckel, SQ Wei, and MZ Win

Multi-differential slightly frequency-shifted reference ultra-wideband (UWB) radio, Q Zhang and DL Goeckel

FSR-UWB (TR-UWB without the delay element): Effect of impulse dithering and experimental results, Q Zhang, DL Goeckel, J Burkhart, BK Mui, N Merrill, M Carrier, and R Jackson