Submissions from 2023


The labour market and poverty impacts of COVID-19 in South Africa, Ihsaan Bassier, Joshua Budlender, Rocco Zizzamia, and Ronak Jain

Submissions from 2021


City Limits: What Do Local-Area Minimum Wages Do?, Arindrajit Dube and Attila Lindner


LGBTQ Economics, M. V. Lee Badgett, Christopher S. Carpenter, and Dario Sansone


Incarceration and mortality in the United States, Elias Nosrati, Jacob Kang-Brown, Michael Ash, Martin McKee, Michael Marmot, and Lawrence P. King


Punitive Social Policy and Vital Inequality, Elias Nosrati and Lawrence P. King

Submissions from 2020


Globalization and health equity: The impact of structural adjustment programs on developing countries, Timon Forster, Alexander E. Kentikelenis, Thomas H. Stubbs, and Lawrence P. King


Engineering serendipity: When does knowledge sharing lead to knowledge production?, Jacqueline N. Lane, Ina Ganguli, Patrick Gaule, Eva Guinan, and Karim R. Lakhani


Comprehensive public health evaluation of lockdown as a non-pharmaceutical intervention on COVID-19 spread in India: national trends masking state-level variations, Maxwell Salvatore, Deepankar Basu, Debashree Ray, Mike Kleinsasser, Soumik Purkayastha, Rupam Bhattacharyya, and Bhramar Mukherjee


How to evaluate the effects of IMF conditionality, Thomas Stubbs, Bernhard Reinsberg, Alexander Kentikelenis, and Lawrence King


Labor Market Segmentation and Immigrant Competition: A Quantal Response Statistical Equilibrium Analysis, Noé M. Wiener


How white is the global elite? An analysis of race, gender and network structure, Kevin L. Young, Seth K. Goldman, Brendan O'Connor, and Tuugi Chuluun

Submissions from 2006

Separate and unequal: The effect of unequal access to employment-based health insurance on same-sex and unmarried different-sex couples, MA Ash and MVL Badgett


Disparities in asthma hospitalization in Massachusetts, Michael Ash and Sylvia Brandt

Creating capitalism: Transitions and growth in post-Soviet Europe, D Flaherty

'If the workers took a notion': The right to strike and American political development, G Friedman

Is there class struggle in the new materialism? The labor movement and social theory, G Friedman

Labor embattled: History, power, rights, G Friedman

Labor history theory and practice series - Introduction, G Friedman

Rebuilding labor: Organizing and organizers in the new union movement, G Friedman

The changing face of central banking: Evolutionary trends since World War II, G Friedman

The triangle fire, the protocols of peace, and industrial democracy in progressive era New York, G Friedman

Trade unions and the state: The construction of industrial relations institutions in Britain, 1890-2000, G Friedman

The Cambridge economic history of modern Britain, vol 3, Structural change and growth, 1939-2000., CE Heim

Racism and redistribution in the United States: A solution to the problem of American exceptionalism, W Lee and JE Roemer

Racism, xenophobia, and redistribution, W Lee, J Roemer, and K Van der Straeten

Why a well-paid nurse is a better nurse, JA Nelson and N Folbre

Inflation and economic growth: a cross-country nonlinear analysis, R Pollin and AD Zhu

Comments on "Integrated Keynesian disequilibrium dynamics", P Skott

Wage inequality and overeducation in a model with efficiency wages, P Skott