Submissions from 2020


How to evaluate the effects of IMF conditionality, Thomas Stubbs, Bernhard Reinsberg, Alexander Kentikelenis, and Lawrence King

Submissions from 2006

Separate and unequal: The effect of unequal access to employment-based health insurance on same-sex and unmarried different-sex couples, MA Ash and MVL Badgett

Disparities in asthma hospitalization in Massachusetts, M Ash and S Brandt

Creating capitalism: Transitions and growth in post-Soviet Europe, D Flaherty

'If the workers took a notion': The right to strike and American political development, G Friedman

Is there class struggle in the new materialism? The labor movement and social theory, G Friedman

Labor embattled: History, power, rights, G Friedman

Labor history theory and practice series - Introduction, G Friedman

Rebuilding labor: Organizing and organizers in the new union movement, G Friedman

The changing face of central banking: Evolutionary trends since World War II, G Friedman

The triangle fire, the protocols of peace, and industrial democracy in progressive era New York, G Friedman

Trade unions and the state: The construction of industrial relations institutions in Britain, 1890-2000, G Friedman

The Cambridge economic history of modern Britain, vol 3, Structural change and growth, 1939-2000., CE Heim

Racism and redistribution in the United States: A solution to the problem of American exceptionalism, W Lee and JE Roemer

Racism, xenophobia, and redistribution, W Lee, J Roemer, and K Van der Straeten

Why a well-paid nurse is a better nurse, JA Nelson and N Folbre

Inflation and economic growth: a cross-country nonlinear analysis, R Pollin and AD Zhu

Comments on "Integrated Keynesian disequilibrium dynamics", P Skott

Wage inequality and overeducation in a model with efficiency wages, P Skott