Submissions from 2001

Is Africa a net creditor? New estimates of capital flight from severely indebted sub-Saharan African countries, 1970-96, JK Boyce and L Ndikumana

To honor and obey: Efficiency, inequality, and patriarchal property rights, E Braunstein and N Folbre

Racial differences in transportation access to employment in Chicago and Los Angeles, 1980 and 1990, CJ Chung, SL Myers, and L Saunders

Comments: Debating business: Women and liberalization at the council on foreign relations, N Folbre

Women's empowerment and demographic processes: Mating beyond Cairo, N Folbre

Bloodless victories: The rise and fall of the open shop in the Philadelphia metal trades, 1890-1940., G Friedman

Brotherhoods of color: Black railroad workers and the struggle for equality., G Friedman

Hard work: The making of labor history., G Friedman

Labour unions, public policy and economic growth., G Friedman

Pullman porters and the rise of protest politics in black America, 1925-1945., G Friedman

The point of production: Work environment in advanced industrial societies, G Friedman

Dodging bullets: Changing US corporate capital structure in the 1980s and 1990s., CE Heim

Leapfrogging, urban sprawl, and growth management - Phoenix, 1950-2000, CE Heim

Explaining the Japanese economic miracle, DW Katzner

The significance, success, and failure of microeconomic theory, DW Katzner

Is Russia becoming capitalist?, DM Kotz

Hospital registered nurse shortages: Environmental, patient, and institutional predictors, JA Seago, M Ash, J Spetz, J Coffman, and K Grumbach