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International Dimensions of Ethics Education Case Study Series

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This case study looks at one of the more famous instances of transnational involvement in stakeholder struggles over large dams: the long-running contention over dam construction on the Narmada Rover in India. Though proposals to build large dams on the Narmada inspired political controversy from the day the first proposals were made in 1947-48, only in the mid-1980s did the controversy take on the transnational aspects for which it is now famous as critics took up the cause of those who would be displaced as the reservoirs created by the dams filled up and raised environmental concerns about the project.

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Table of Contents

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Appendix A: Chronology

Narmada_BTribunal.pdf (1768 kB)
Appendix B: Indian Tribunal Decisions regarding the Narmada Dams

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Appendix C: Indian National Water Policies

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Appendix D: The Major Narmada Dams

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Appendix E: Useful Websites

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Appendix F: Additional Readings

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Appendix G: Current Practice Regarding Large Dams

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Appendix H: Materials for Instructors

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