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International Dimensions of Ethics Education Case Study Series

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This case explores the challenges faced by developing countries, where HIV is widely prevalent, in providing their citizens access to HIV medications. Supplying consistent treatments of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) medications continue to be an obstacle due to its high costs in relation to individual income and government health budgets, and the strict patent laws governing them when attempting to domestically produce generics at a much lower price. Other barriers such as lack of medical facilities, outlay of tests and availability of clinics, coupled with the social stigma of HIV and AIDS, prevent persons infected to seek treatment.

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Table of Contents

HIV_AChrono.pdf (28 kB)
Appendix A: Chronology

HIV_BPolicy.pdf (358 kB)
Appendix B: Intergovernmental Policy Statements relating to HIV Treatment

HIV_CIntellecProp.pdf (284 kB)
Appendix C: Views on Intellectual Property Rights in Drugs

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Appendix D: Two Views on Drug Prices

HIV_EUnderstand.pdf (272 kB)
Appendix E: Understanding Drug Patents

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Appendix F: Useful Websites

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Appendix G: Pharmaceutical Companies