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International Dimensions of Ethics Education Case Study Series

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The EU-US Dispute over Regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms, Plants, Feeds, and Foods case is a study of the divergence of regulatory standards for genetically modified plants, feeds, and food in the US and in European countries. It focuses on the European Union’s moratorium of approval of new genetically modified organisms and the World Trade Organization’s consequent ruling.

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Table of Contents

GMO_AChrono.pdf (214 kB)
Appendix A: Chronology

GMO_BEUReg.pdf (247 kB)
Appendix B: Background on EU regulatory process and regulations

GMO_CUSReg.pdf (178 kB)
Appendix C: Background on US regulatory process and regulations

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Appendix D: Summarizing levels of ethical concern and scientific uncertainty

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Appendix E: Ethical Evaluation of Using Genetically Modified Organisms

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Appendix F: Optional Additional Readings

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Appendix G: Internet Resources