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Department of History

First Advisor

Julio C. Capo, Jr.

Second Advisor

Robert W. Maloy


Gender and LGBTQ studies have emerged as fields worthy of academic study since the 1980s. While they have increasingly entered college curricula, much work still has to be done for these to be integrated into public K-12 curricula. Currently, the Massachusetts 9-12 United States History Curriculum operates without these histories. My work aims to expand the current curriculum in such a way that integrates and emphasizes (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) LGBTQ and gender histories within the pre-existing U.S. History Standards. The areas of study are taken directly from the Massachusetts learning standards, specifically focusing on the curriculum framework of U.S. History II, Reconstruction to the Present, 1877 to 2001. I address two key sections: Age of Reform: Progressivism and the New Deal, 1900 to 1940 and Cold War America at Home: Economic Growth and Optimism, Anticommunism, and Reform, 1945-1980. My work provides the necessary historical background for teachers to familiarize themselves with important figures, events, ideas, and movements within these time periods. It also provides a selection of recommended readings for teachers to help incorporate this material into their classrooms. The outline also includes a collection of primary sources and inquiry questions for historical investigations. My purpose is to add additional information that will help fill educational gaps, enrich and enliven the curriculum, and provide students with a more inclusive and multicultural American history.


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