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Ethnologia Polona


Reprinted from Halpern's "Reflection of Jozef Obrebski’s Work in Macedonia From the Perspective of American Anthropology" 70 Years from the Research of Jozef Obrebski in Poreche, R. Macedonia (2002): 29-41.


This article deals with the difficulties encountered by Jozef Obrebski when he immigrated from Poland after World War II. He went first to England where he gave a series of lectures at Oxford University. Then he went to Jamaica under a contract sponsored by the British Colonial Office. Subsequently he moved to New York City where he obtained a job working at the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations. He ended his career at C .W. Post College, a small undergraduate institution near New York City. This article documents how he failed to make a career in the United States. His lack of success is attributed primarily to his failure to publish any of his research findings. However, he did preserve all of his field notes, which provide a rich resource for contemporary researchers.



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