Kundu, Sandip

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Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
VLSI Circuit Design & Test, CAD for VLSI circuit Design & Test, Design & Testing of highly scaled circuits, Design of Resilient Computing Systems

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    On Improving Reliability of SRAM-Based Physically Unclonable Functions
    (2017-01-01) Vijayakumar, Arunkumar; Patil, Vinay C.; Kundu, Sandip
    Physically unclonable functions (PUFs) have been touted for their inherent resistance to invasive attacks and low cost in providing a hardware root of trust for various security applications. SRAM PUFs in particular are popular in industry for key/ID generation. Due to intrinsic process variations, SRAM cells, ideally, tend to have the same start-up behavior. SRAM PUFs exploit this start-up behavior. Unfortunately, not all SRAM cells exhibit reliable start-up behavior due to noise susceptibility. Hence, design enhancements are needed for improving reliability. Some of the proposed enhancements in literature include fuzzy extraction, error-correcting codes and voting mechanisms. All enhancements involve a trade-off between area/power/performance overhead and PUF reliability. This paper presents a design enhancement technique for reliability that improves upon previous solutions. We present simulation results to quantify improvement in SRAM PUF reliability and efficiency. The proposed technique is shown to generate a 128-bit key in ≤0.2 μ'>μμ s at an area estimate of 4538 μ'>μμ m 2'>22 with error rate as low as 10−6'>10−610−6 for intrinsic error probability of 15%.