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Professor, Department of History
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Constitutional History
Europe 1600 to the present
Law and society
The Enlightenment
I am interested in the history of political and legal ideas, from the Enlightenment to the present. Course offerings include Western Thought, U.S. Constitutional History, Ideas that Changed History, and Comparative Law.
I also have an interest in interdisciplinary education for undergraduates. I was director of the Bachelor's Degree with Individual concentration program from 2008 to 2011. I have promoted integrative thinking, leadership, and entrepreneurship inside the history department and in programs like BDIC, Commonwealth Honors College, and General Education.

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    Concurrent Session C: Integrating the Major with Career Dreams
    (2010-10-08) Gordon, Daniel; Moore, David
    Traditionally, liberal arts education discouraged students from focusing on career development. Today, there is a growing interest in “practical liberal education.” The presenters will discuss special programs in which students integrate their academic majors with their career aspirations, including the value of individualized major programs and entrepreneurship programs in particular. Gordon will focus on the Entrepreneurship Initiative, a program that serves 400 students per year from 30 different majors. Moore will discuss integrative strategies used in his program that are transferable to other kinds of majors. Taken together, the presentations will stimulate discussion of the challenges involved in combining discipline‐based education with the need of every student to construct a meaningful narrative for the self – a story in which obtaining an institutional degree and finding personal meaning complement each other.