Purdy, Stephen

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Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, College of Natural Sciences
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Animal Sciences
Teaching philosophy and interests:
Learning is a lifelong process involving the interaction of the teacher and student- both benefit.
The University exists for the benefit of the students.
My job is to prepare students for entrance into the job market or graduate school through challenging instruction which emphasizes development of problem solving skills.
Teaching of applied subjects emphasizing practical application and hands on learning
Placement and guidance services for equine and livestock farm employee students and preveterinary students interested in large animal practice
Production of educational materials (books, videos, and journals) and seminars for large animal owners, students, and veterinarians
Curent Projects:
UMass Camelid Studies Program(follow link here for more detailed information)
To train undergraduate students in the care of alpacas and llamas to prepare them for a career as a camelid farm manager or employee, or as a camelid veterinarian
To operate a camelid outpatient treatment, surgical, and reproduction (see Camelid Reproduction Center page) clinical facility at the University of Massachusetts
To conduct practical, humane research for the improvement of camelid health
To maintain an alpaca herd to teach students about health care, reproduction, fiber, showing alpacas at New England Shows, and the financial aspects of the alpaca industry
To provide placement and guidance services for farm employee and preveterinary students
To provide farm employees and veterinarians for the nation's alpaca owners in order to correct the current shortage, and to support the continued growth of the alpaca industry

UMass International Donkey Project
Goal: to improve the health care of the world's most important work animal and thereby the lifestyle of the people who depend on them.
For a discussion of the Importance of Donkeys in Africa follow the link here.
Interested donors should contact Dr. Purdy directly with their ideas.
For a discussion of the Differences Between Donkeys and Horses follow the link here.
Relevant Donkey Articles Written by Dr. Purdy can be found on the
International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS) website at the links listed below:
Herd Health for Miniature Donkeys
Reproduction in MIniature Donkeys
Artificial Insemination in Miniature Donkeys
Ultrasound Examination of the Reproductive Tract in Female Miniature Donkeys

Selected Accomplishments:
Speaker for state, regional, and national veterinary and owner organizations
Author of several research and review articles on practical topics in large animal health
Author of “Care of Miniature Donkeys”in International Veterinary Information Service e-book entitled “Veterinary Care Veterinary Care for Donkeys”, edited by Drs. Tex Taylor and Nora Matthews, Texas A and M University, 2004
Principal Investigator/Coordinator for Practical, Humane Research Projects and Educational Materials
Alpaca Eye Study- completed 2000
Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Uterine Infections in Alpacas- completed 2002
Miniature Donkey Reproductive Ultrasound Study- in progress
Artificial Insemination in Miniature Donkeys- in progress
Vaccination of Camelids against Meningeal Worm Disease - in progress
Antibody transfer in the Neonatal Alpaca - in progress
DVD productions:
Castration of the Alpaca- completed
Reproductive Behavior of Alpacas
Ultrasound Pregnancy Diagnosis in Alpacas

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