Elevating Open: Uniting Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracism through Collaborative Programs

The Community College Consortium for OER at Open Education Global is a community of practice for educators aspiring to expand access and empower students, particularly those who are marginalized, to succeed through the use of OER and open educational practices. The membership includes hundreds of community and technical colleges who collaborate to learn from each other and develop equitable and sustainable programs that are inclusive and welcoming to all students and educators. The panel will spotlight open education programs that prioritize the creation of equitable, inclusive, and antiracist learning through the use of open pedagogy and instructional design, with dedicated faculty, equity consultants, and advisory coaches, to name a few. Attendees will be prompted to identify components of the programs they can incorporate into their own work and institutions through polls and discussion. Featured programs include: -The Remixing Open Textbooks through an Equity Lens (ROTEL) project promotes textbook affordability, student success, and inclusion and equity to benefit students, particularly minoritized students at our six institutions. -The Targeted Pathways program redesigns high-enrollment courses in Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Human Development/Family Services that lead to in-demand occupations where high quality openly licensed course materials with an equity lens are not currently available. -The Open for Antiracism (OFAR) program supports community college faculty to transform their classrooms to be antiracist through OER and open pedagogy. OFAR emerged as a response to the growing awareness of structural racism in higher education and provides a supportive, safe environment where faculty can learn about antiracist teaching and apply it in their own classrooms.
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