The Role of Solar in the Residential Energy Sector

Lecture for Building & Construction Technology at UMass Amherst, given by Gregory Garrison, President of Northeast Solar. The presentation covers the benefits and challenges of integrating solar power into the residential energy sector. Solar is an entry level technology that can be integrated with several emerging technologies including storage, energy management, the internet of things and transportation. The discussion will also focus on the obstacles in making the solar energy fully integrated into the residential marketplace. These include price, demographics, urban planning and the current grid construct. The discussion will conclude with a discussion of how to remove barriers to broader adoption and changing the utility business model. Gregory Garrison is a successful entrepreneur and reformed capitalist. Most recently, after years of high consumption and recognizing its direct impact on our environment, he has committed himself to policy discussions designed to advance clean energy initiatives. He is the owner of Northeast Solar Design in Hatfield MA and serves on a variety of boards whose objectives are to stimulate job growth and the emerging green economy. He resides in Montague MA. Learning Objectivities: 1. Understanding the benefits of solar and distributed generation into the residential energy sector 2. Identify emerging energy technologies and the benefits of integrating them with solar energy 3. Understanding the barriers to broad scale adoption of residential solar. The importance of urban planning on future energy policy. 4. Be able to explain the current grid construct and its need to be remodeled for the new distributed energy sector.
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