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Enhancing Cultural Humility for Sexual and Gender Minorities within an Inpatient Mental Health Hospital: A Quality Improvement Project

Background: Sexual and gender minorities (SGM) are a population that experiences health disparities. Cultural competence among healthcare providers is one way to help reduce health disparities that is shown to be improved by educational interventions. Purpose: The purpose was to enhance cultural humility among healthcare professionals in a mental health hospital to promote inclusivity especially as it pertains to SGM. The purpose was to shift a training model focused on cultural competence to one that incorporates concepts related to cultural humility by implementing a classroom-based training with a pre and posttest. Methods: The design was non-experimental, using a convenience sample of twenty to forty healthcare professionals in a mental health hospital, and involved provision of two trainings containing content including concepts and practical interventions related to enhancing cultural humility and inclusivity. Learning was assessed through analysis of responses to the Cultural Humility scale, administered before and one month after the training, using descriptive statistics and paired t-tests. The ecological systems theory guided this project. Results: Eight participants completed the pretest and training, and seven completed the posttest. The difference between the mean total pretest score (M=43.14, SD=1.46) and the mean total posttest score (M=44.43, SD=4.93) was not found to be significant, nor were the differences in means of the pretest and posttest scores for both the positive and negative subscales. Conclusion: Qualitative reports from participants showed favorable results of the intervention and the project served as a model to create a cultural humility training for healthcare professionals specific to SGM.
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