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Noteaid: A Comprehension Tool to Improve Patient Understanding

Background: Meaningful use mandates allow patients access to provider notes, however, there remain many barriers including the inability of the patient to understand the notes. This project surveyed clinicians on the informatics committee of a large tertiary care facility about their thoughts regarding the Noteaid translation system after presenting examples of translated patient notes and education about the meaningful use mandate. Methods: An online PowerPoint presentation and preintervention survey was distributed, followed by a live educational intervention. The members were emailed a post intervention survey about the effectiveness, likeability, usability, and practicality of the Noteaid software tool to translate medical jargon. Results: Of the 20 participants, 45% stated they spent more than 40% of their time on patient education and teaching. Most were unaware of the meaningful use mandate, and 68% believed that the release of provider notes alone could not improve the quality of care and/or effect patient outcomes. After the presentation, 100% liked the Noteaid system and 75% believed the system could improve outcomes by improving patient understanding. The majority (80%) rated both of the translated note examples as a 4 on a 5-point rating scale. Conclusion: Solutions to patient understanding of medical notes are needed. Noteaid, is a systematic solution that was positively reviewed by this group of clinicians as being a helpful tool for patients in understanding their own medical notes. The meaningful use mandate has the potential to improve patient care and better educate patients.