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Z-Cube: Mobile Living for Feminist Nomads

Homes proclaim our social standing and reflect the trend of the times. This project seeks to explore and redefine the relationship between modern homes and modern women who strive for mobile life styles. Modernism and globalization have brought us a new way of living that could have never been imagined before— our workspace and homes are no longer limited to a specific unit but have extended to the entire globe. The physical changes compelled by modernity have also complemented the changing role of women. Since the beginning of the 20th century, modern women have expanded their lives outside of their homes and are playing a much more active role in society. This project is designed for the modern feminist nomads—young women with international background living away from their home country—who are passionate about what they do professionally and proud of the women they are. The project will allow these women to determine what home means to them, and also allow their artifacts and concept of home to travel with them and, through the process, shape who they are. This project is a series of 5 different scales of designs: the Z-Cases, the Z-Cubes, the Z-Units, the Z-Communities, and the Z-Global Business Model. This series of designs is developed to better aid the life on the move for the feminist nomads, by making traveling , moving, and adjusting to a new community a much easier process.
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