The Fun-Sized Framework: Mini IL Lessons for When You Want to Do More Than Just Demos

After successfully improving on the number of library instruction classes in her various STEM liaison departments, STEM Librarian, Diana Hellyar, wanted to build on her instruction and do more than just a basic library session. The professors tend to request a traditional mode of library instruction including a library website and database demonstration. Hellyar wanted to improve these classes with more IL skills while still respecting the value of database demonstrations. She created short information literacy-based presentations that provide students with valuable information literacy knowledge while still offering plenty of instruction time for the traditional instruction class. These short, openly licensed presentations are based the topics off ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. She created a collection of science-focused presentations that could be easily adapted for any subject or discipline. For example, one presentation has two versions, one for an oceanography course and one for a chemistry course with appropriate examples. Each presentation also includes a short active learning component. These presentations, including the active learning component, are designed to be about 10-15 minutes to allow for the rest of the instruction session which typically includes a library demonstration and time for students to work on their own research. This session will describe how these presentations were created, explain how they were adjusted and used in various classes, and discuss how participants can adapt them in their own library instruction. Participants will: • Learn how these lessons were created and used in STEM courses. • Be able to adapt these presentations for their own library instruction including subjects beyond STEM topics.