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KIND Communication: An Educational Intervention to Raise Nurse Resident's Awareness Towards Decreasing Implicit Bias Through Effective Communication Strategies

Background: There is an increasing need for healthcare institutions to become more aware of how provider biases can affect patient outcomes and contribute to health care disparities for Black and other diverse populations. Implicit biases can result in poor patient outcomes and a breakdown in trust between patients and health care providers. Purpose: To educate nurse residents on the use of the Kinesics, Inclusive, Non-biased and Deliverable KIND, Communications technique to decrease biases during interactions. Methods: Nurses enrolled in the institutions Nurse Residency program participated in the training session during their monthly educational meeting. Education was provided using a power-point presentation which included videos and open-dialogue discussions. The nurses were administered the Cultural Assessment Screening tool and asked about the trainings effect. Results: A total of 32 nurse residents attended the programming with a yield of 19 paired pre and post-tests for cultural awareness. Although scores for culture awareness increased the change was not significant (p-.551). Open ended responses were positive including that hearing the personal experiences of others aided in their ability to reflect on their own biases was valuable and that the film shared on the experience of being Black was eye opening. Discussion: The modest changes on cultural awareness and written responses to the open-ended question may indicate benefits in utilizing KIND communication in practice. Increasing awareness of unconscious attitudes towards racial groups through storytelling and gaining understanding of one’s own biases by hearing the lived experiences of others.