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Emergency nurses’ perceptions of the utility, adaptability and feasibility of the emergency nursing framework HIRAID for practice change in US: An exploratory study

Background Patient assessment is a core component of nursing practice and underpins safe, high-quality patient care. HIRAIDTM, an evidence-informed emergency nursing framework, provides nurses with a structured approach to patient assessment and management post triage. In Australia, HIRAIDTM resulted in significant improvements to nurse-led communication and reduced adverse patient events. Objectives First, to explore United States (US) emergency nurses’ perceptions of the evidence-informed emergency nursing framework, HIRAIDTM; second, to determine factors that would influence the feasibility and adaptability of HIRAIDTM into nursing clinical practice in EDs within the US. Methods A cross-sectional cohort study using a survey method with a convenience sample was conducted. A 4-hour workshop introduced the HIRAIDTM framework and supporting evidence at the Emergency Nurses Association’s (ENA) conference, Emergency Nursing 2022. Surveys were tested for face validity and collected information on nurse-nurse communication, self-efficacy, the practice environment and feedback on the HIRAIDTM framework. Results The workshop was attended by 48 emergency nurses from 17 US States and four countries. Most respondents reported that all emergency nurses should use the same standardised approach in the assessment of patients. However, the greatest barriers to change were a lack of staff and support from management. The most likely interventions reported to enable change were face-to-face education, the opportunity to ask questions and support in the clinical environment. Conclusion HIRAIDTM is an acceptable and suitable emergency nursing framework for consideration in the US. Successful uptake will depend on training methods and organizational support. HIRAIDTM training should incorporate face-to-face interactive workshops.
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