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KC 4.2: “Principles Text” in Action in Outstanding and Ordinary Landscapes

In 2011, the ICOMOS-IFLA International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes (ISCCL)began a cultural project, the World Rural LandscapesInitiative, with the goal of a wide and systematic approach to cultural heritage for rural areas both outstanding and ordinary) that has not been sufficiently developed in the past. A first goal has been achieved: “Principles Concerning Rural Landscape as Heritage” was adopted as a doctrinal text by ICOMOS (Delhi 2017) and translated in English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Arabian (worldrurallandscapes.org). This Knowledge Café will focus on methods and case studies to implement the main premises and contents of the PrinciplesText through a structured conversation with attendees. What actions have been developed to preserve and enhance the rural landscape that involve farmers, citizens, and public administrations and in particular that highlight nature-culture relationship and sustainable collaboration? The Knowledge café will be organized as follows: Lionella Scazzosi will briefly introduce the topic and present the PrinciplesText. Jane Lennon will provide a framework and some examples that illustrate best practices, actions and policies to implement the Principles. Workshop contributors will then lead a structured conversation to draw out ideas and gather case studies from all of the other session attendees. The goal will be to collect as many diverse ideas from around the globe with a focus on the interrelationship of natural and cultural conservation practices in rural landscapes. The ideas for implementing the Principles will be recorded and shared as outcomes from this conference and will assist in continuing the forward momentum of the field.