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Ownership, authorship, plagiarism, intellectual property, parody, critique, re-use, credit, reputation, allusion, imitation, patronage, payment, piracy, creativity, originality, borrowing, lending, stealing, quoting, citing, lifting, re-writing, translating, acting, performing, impersonating, collaborating, re-creating, editing, sampling, sharing.

If you can distinguish between all these activities, legally, morally, culturally and historically, then you don't need our class. If on the other hand, you want to know why ancient Romans sampled Virgil so often, or why some plagiarism is art and some is crime, or what could happen to manuscripts in antiquity when they circulated, or why the RIAA is suing thousands of college students, or how Martial and Galen thought about ownership, payment and credit, or how Hollywood does so, or whether Christians should be allowed to "share" their message, then this is your class.

[Abstract by author. Kelty, C. (2004, February 10). Text as Property/Property as Text. Retrieved from the Connexions Web site: ]



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