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In Connexions, a course is both a course (what is offered in a school curriculum) and a collection of modules. This course as a collection of modules has been designed to pull together the modules published in Connexions by this author for the purpose of showing different aspects of the Ethics Bowl competition and how it can be used in a university course on practical and professional ethics. The Ethics Bowl concept comes from Robert Ladenson of the Illinois Institute of Technology. Through the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics, the Ethics Bowl competition has been carried out nationally for thirteen years now. (More on the history of this competition can be found in Ladenson's article which is referenced in this course's first module.) Thanks to Robert Ladenson and Michael Davis for suggesting using the ethics bowl in engineering ethics classes at UPRM during a visit by the author to IIT in 2001. Special thanks to Vivian Weil who has served as a mentor for those at UPRM committed to implementing ethics instruction and institutionalizing ethics across the curriculum.

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This course and its modules have been developed as a part of the EAC Toolkit funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, NSF SES 0551779.

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