Graduate Education in Research Ethics for Scientists and Engineers: Moral Deliberation Workshop

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Graduate students will participate in a follow up workshop during their second semester of study that will be designed to add skills of ethical evaluation to those of ethical awareness. This workshop will advance on the first workshop (Graduate Awareness Workshop) through presentations of a taxonomy of ethical issues in research called the "Double Axiological Axis" and through a framework that integrates teleology and deontology to enable students to introduce ethical theory and principle into moral deliberation. Students will practice the skills presupposed by these presented materials by deliberating on a case in research ethics that has been chosen because it presents a conflict between moral considerations. Students will be guided through the process of identifying the conflicting moral elements and designing ethically acceptable courses of action. This workshop will target the skill of ethical evaluation and be assessed in terms of the success of the participants in resolving the conflict posed by the case over which they deliberate.


Ethics Education

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Engineering | Life Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Funding for this project comes from the National Science Foundation through grant number DRL 0629377.

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