Graduate Education in Research Ethics for Scientists and Engineers: Graduate Research Ethics Banquet

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The capstone event in this series of graduate student activities is a Graduate Student Research Ethics Banquet. To prepare for this activity, interdisciplinary student groups organized in the Case Analysis Workshop will prepare poster presentations which will outline their solutions to the case or cases presented during the earlier workshop. Students from the research ethics course will also be invited to develop interdisciplinary gorups and submit posters. The posters will receive campus-wide publicity and will be displayed for a week at UPRM's Center for Ethics in the Professions, where students and faculty will carry out a preliminary evaluation. Then an evening banquet will be held where the groups will present their case resolutions to an interdisciplinary audience of faculty mentors and other graduate students. The student groups will justify their solutions and respond to questions and comments from participants. Upon completing this series of activities (three workshops plus the banquet) graduate students will receive a certificate from UPRM's Center for Professional Enhancement acknowledging their work in research ethics. The banquet's objectives and activities are presented in the table below.


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Funding for this project comes from the National Science Foundation through grant number DRL 0629377.

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