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Greenway planning has long traditions in Norway (Bruun 1991), and from the late 1980s we have developed the concept further into what we have mentioned as “green structure planning”. Green structure is defined as a multi-functional urban system, where “the green” in the city is attributed to different values and functions inspired by the landscape ecological thinking. Examples of important values and functions of the urban green structure could for example be: 1) Cityscape and aesthetic conditions, 2) Recreation, play and quality of life, 3) Nature and biodiversity, 3) Biological production related to forestry and agriculture, 4 ) Technical matters related to storm water management and local climate, 5) Soft transportation (biking, walking). Based on an overview of the development of the Norwegian concept, the main goal is to present a planning methodology for a multifunctional green structure, the so called “Green poster”, and some of the key lessons learned from experiences with this tool.



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