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A primary focus in the Greek Ministry of Culture is the protection and preservation of its cultural/ archaeological sites as “Treasured Landscapes”. Such sites in Greece face problems of neglect and degradation, lacking in attractiveness and visitor services, comprising spaces of limited socio-cultural/historic/educational/ heritage activities only. The greenways movement has been advocating and implementing greenways and ecological networks internationally (Fabos and Ahern.1995). The paper aims to achieve the goal of promoting and upgrading landscapes through protecting/ conserving/restoring sustainable cultural landscapes/sites: a) by developing a single integrated landscape strategy, that of greenway planning, and b) by defining related actions of implementation of greenways and related green infrastructure, in order to accomplish the desired goal at the national, provincial and local scale. The paper includes three main parts: a) literature review of related terms, b) discussion of greenways as a landscape planning strategy and their role in promoting the sustainable cultural landscapes and archaeological sites of Greece, and c) concluding remarks.



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