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The creation of ecological networks represents basic strategy of the nature and landscape protection. This principle is declared in many international documents, as are: AGENDA 21, Convention on biological diversity from Rio Summit °92, Pan-European strategy about biological and landscape biodiversity, EECONET in European programme IUCN, Landscape Convention etc. The maintenance of valuable natural ecosystems is basic principle of NATURA 2000, too. From these international concepts and programme outcomes national programme of ecological networks. Development of documents for ecological networks has been intensive for the last decade. This development can be seen as a response to fragmentation of land and restructuring and intensification of land use (Jongman, 1996, Jongman, Kristiansen, 2001).

The establishment of ecological networks has been proposed as an ideal way to counteract the increasing fragmentation of natural ecosystems and as a necessary complement to the establishment of protected areas for biodiversity conservation (Boitani, at. all., 2007). The creation of ecological networks have been developed in many European countries. The principal reason for creating the European Ecological Network is to integrate protected areas in individual European countries with areas to be protected in the EECONET system, according to international criteria and standards [Bischoff, Jongman 1993]. EECONET aims to promote co-operative action across the whole of Europe contributing to the evolving international process of developing a stronger strategic component to nature conservation in Europe. It is a conceptual and operational framework for translating these objectives into action. (Agger, Brandt, 1988, Forman,1990).



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