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The first Greenways in Central Europe began in the early 1990s inspired by the experiences of the Hudson River Valley Greenway as well as other American Greenway initiatives. The past 15 years of cooperation between the Prague-Vienna Greenways, the Hudson River Valley Greenway and the East Coast Greenway Alliance have shown how the different natural, socioeconomic, and political conditions on both sides of the Atlantic provide a rich store of experience that can be mutually beneficial. Thanks to this cooperation not only have European Greenways been successfully developed, but there are now Greenways linking people, places and ideas across borders and between great cities like Vienna and Prague, Budapest and Krakow. American Greenway projects are using the European inspired model of ecotourism and heritage tourism to expand visitation and use. Americans and Europeans are participating in cultural exchange programs, learning from each other to enrich Greenway planning, design, development and management.



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