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Ensenada has a winemaking tradition deeply rooted, as it is considered as the main wineproducing region in Mexico. The wine industry in Ensenada is developed in two regions: the northern region and the southern region. In recent years the tourism sector of Ensenada has seen a remarkable increase, particularly in the case of wine tourism in the north region. The Regional Development Programme for the Wine Region was created in 2006, to reach an optimal balance between economic and social activities and the sustainable development of the region; however, this programme only covers the north wine region. Recently, the interest for greenways and their application in landscape planning has grown internationally. According to Bischof, greenways can offer a way to unify several disciplines to move towards a commonality of purpose. Thus, considering this wine tourism scenario in Ensenada and the recent introduction of the greenway concept into regional planning, we identified the need for information that can be used for the creation of tools that support the development of the south wine region, as well as the enhancement of its tradition, through the identification of greenways with ecological, historical and cultural value.



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