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Several researches, projects were launched about the varied spatial planning systems of European countries. For example an extensive comparison analysis was carried out by the guidance of the Directorate-General for Regional policy and Cohesion of the European Commission about the spatial policy of the member states (15 members) in 1997. However researches dealing with the state and scope of landscape planning country by country are quite unique. Conflicts of landscape planning and protection differ just mostly because of the different landscape conditions in Europe, but for the way and method how the issues of landscape planning are integrated in the spatial planning systems of European countries have diverse solutions.

In our research study we had the following goals:

• Exploring the influence of the European integration on the spatial and landscape planning of countries;

• Highlighting the main differences of spatial planning system in the countries (system, focus);

• Comparison among the forms and mechanisms of integration and implementation of landscape issues and landscape planning in the spatial planning system.



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