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As a typical example of greenway networks in China and Asia, Guangdong Greenway Network is of epoch-making and practical significance. The practice of Pearl River Delta Regional Greenway is instructive for other developing countries and densely-populated urban areas to build their greenway networks. The experience of Guangdong Greenway Network gives new Chinese characteristics to the concept and practice of greenway.

China has a profound history of greenways. Even before the Qin Dynasty was established, there already existed a great number of prototypes of greenway. These greenways were born in ancient era where the original productivity remained at a low level and people had nothing to do but to revere nature. Today, when human being has accumulated a great deal of material and spiritual wealth, they come to realize the importance of balance between man and nature. Therefore, greenway becomes one of the active ways for balancing the development of man and nature. Pearl River Delta Region is one of the most developed areas in China and it is also where the first greenway programs in China are initiated. The Pearl River Delta Regional Greenway has set a typical sample for the greenway movement in China.



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