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The Faculty of Landscape Architecture of the Szent István University (formerly of the Corvinus University of Budapest) places great importance on providing its graduates with designing experience. In order to achieve this, the faculty organize more and more opportunities for professional practice every year. Each of these is usually related to different university subjects.

In the spring 2015, within the framework of the Rural Development subject, we began our involvement with the settlements in and near the Nivegy Valley. This was possible thanks to the good professional relationship between the LAG (Local Action Group) of the Balaton Uplands and our department, and the cooperation of the local governments of the area. Our first discussions with the locals revealed issues that couldn’t be remedied within the confines of a single subject. This resulted in the idea that coursework related to other subjects should also be focused on this micro-region. This way it seemed possible to create a document addressing the multitude of problems in the area during the semester and the two-week long studio. At this point we could not see what difficulties this decision might cause, but we expected the project to end with positive results for both the students and the people from the sample area.



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