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The paper focuses on the methods on which it is built the planning strategy for the ‘Parco delle Cave’ (Park of Pits) in Brescia (Lombardy, Italy). This research, begun in 2010 thanks to the insights offered by a master's degree thesis, in February 2016 led to the approval of the variation to Plan of Government of the Territory of the City of Brescia. The authors, at the time, respectively, supervisor and author of the thesis ‘Park of Pits, from protest to proposal' have gradually followed the different stages of approach to the proposed variant through a real multidisciplinary action. The argument that the study and promotion of the realities present in the Brescia area would give a sum of positive values such that they would automatically lead to a virtuous model for the creation of a territorial landscape system has proved partly correct and partly not. At the moment, this large area represents a great solution of continuity in the ecological green belt that surrounds Brescia, not allowing the basis for the correct development of a natural habitat hosting biodiversity and blocking the completion of town outskirts greenway. This research indicates in the ‘Parco delle Cave’ (Pits’ Park) as the necessary ring to complete the Brescia green belt that includes the ‘Parco delle Colline di Brescia’ (Brescia Hills Park), the linear park of the River Mella, and a strong vegetal system along the South Brescia highway (proposed also).



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