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Arranged green spaces of industrial areas are a form greenery planted in an organized way, accompanying industrial facilities. During designing large industrial facilities, green spaces constituted an integral element of industrial facility and adjacent areas. They played numerous essential roles, such as protective, decorative, recreational, representative, psychological or masking functions. Depending on the intended purpose, a green space assumed also suitable forms: buffer strips, clumps, solitary plants, cross-shaped, strip-shaped or round-shaped layouts. An equally crucial aspect, as the form of greenery, was selection of an adequate species adapted both to the terrain conditions and specificity of production.

During construction of an industrial facility, terrain configuration is transformed, water relations and climate are changed and plant communities destroyed, leading to destruction of their landscape values. To alleviate negative effects of industrial areas, both technical and vegetation means was used to form: protection zones, plant communities grown on the premises of the facility, in addition to such measures as remediation heaps and spoil tips reclamation or formation of recreational areas. Green spaces regulate water relations, prevent erosion and reduce negative impact on the adjacent areas, land relief and last, but not least, improve the climate.

It is not a random action, however. For green spaces to function well, they had to be introduced in the right places. As a result, a few types of greenery formed: internal and external protective greenery, central reservations, decorative, green spaces on company housing estates, reserved areas, vegetation with psychological effects, successive, reservoir greenery as well as masking green spaces - all together creating large areas - green industrial zones.



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