Artistic Wind Turbines Along Greenways: The Concept



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The contemporary built and industrial landscape - we can see every day - is filled with many industrial parks, logistic areas, power plants and other enormous structures and objects which ensure a living environment for humans. Actually, these structures cause many gaps and blind spots in an otherwise green network. Furthermore, in some cases there are abandoned industrial parks consuming enormous pieces of land. The reason for this is pretty clear in this case: there is no responsible owner who should take care of it or there is no budget to cover the costs for its demolition. So what we now see are huge industrial parks in the landscapes with no purpose, perpetuating a division and creating very unattractive scenic object. This paper proposes a concept for how to repurpose such forlorn industrial areas and how they can even become part of a greenway. The industrial function will be replaced by new one: the wind energy utilizing alternative design concepts.