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In recent years, rapid urbanization is leading to a sharp decrease of bird diversity in city. The plant landscape in the greenway plays an important role in habitat conservation. This paper aims to explore the effects of plant landscape planning for the bird habitat conservation in urban greenway, and to study the design methods of greenway plant landscapes based on bird habitats conservation.

Wenyu River - North Canal, a river located in the east of Beijing with uninterrupted green spaces along the coast, has the potential to become the migration channel for migratory birds. Dongjiao Wetland Park is an important node.

At the macro level, the program investigated the vegetation pattern of Wenyu River-North Canal by using GIS technology and analyzed the distribution and ecological connectivity of different bird habitat types in the greenway. The results show that along the Wenyu River-North Canal, the distribution of habitats for some bird groups is uneven and some habitat types are poorly connected.

At the micro level, a field study was conducted in Dongjiao Wetland Park in combination with actual projects, in which the forest form distribution and plant species composition were analyzed and the bird biotope was mapped. The results show that in the Dongjiao Wetland Park, the plant community is dominated by arbor-herb type; evergreen plants, shrubs and food plants are lacking; grasslands habitats and wetlands habitats were small and the area disturbed by human is large.

According to the analysis results, aiming at bird habitat conservation, a vegetation landscape optimization plan of Wenyu River-North Canal Greenway and a plant landscape reconstruction design of the Northern Park of Dongjiao Wetland Park were proposed, including protecting important habitat patches, optimizing plant community structure and selecting plant species.



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