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In the framework of the project “KEHOP-4.3.0-15-2016-00001”, we had the opportunity to research the particularities of urban spatial structure. The aim of the research was to define the influencing role and parameters of the urban space with regards to the landscape character. Within the research topic, we paid accentuated attention to the role of green areas in the settlements. We attempted to characterize the types of the settlements’ green space system as a supplement to the above-mentioned research and analyze in five settlements.

The results show that:

  • there is significant dispersion in the field of urban space; we have delimited almost 60,000 built-in patches in the country’s 93,000km2 area, while there are 3,154 administrative areas;
  • the size of the built-in patches allows a close approximated grouping into functional types;
  • following the Second World War, the newly built-up areas show similarities all over the country, disregarding the characteristics of the landscape;
  • “central” settlements (1,474 units) are typically loosely-built, possess a high green area ratio and have a significant tree stock, and only about 6% of Hungary’s territory is partly forested green space, while densely built-up areas occupy 5% of the settlement space;
  • larger green areas are typically only the constituent part of cities, while in most settlements, the partially green space with stands are the characteristics of the green space system;
  • the partially forested green areas of the settlements show significant differences; and can be classified into distinct types, with the character not only being influenced by the settlement’s built-up structure, but also significantly by the natural spatial system in which the settlement was established, and the continued farming traditions as well as the new functions of the settlement;
  • the green space of the settlement fringe areas is a principal factor in influencing the landscape character and affects the development possibilities of the green space system within the settlement.



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