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The greenway has become more and more popular all around the world and greenway construction in China is represented by Guangdong Province. As a type of greenway in Guangzhou, the community greenway refers to greenways that connect community parks, pocket parks and green spaces, mainly serving nearby communities. However, whether the community greenways match the daily urban life of the citizens has not been given enough attention within a few years after the completion.

We aim to analyze whether the top-down strategy matches the daily life of residents, from the perspective of everyday urbanism. We studied the case of Changgang Community Greenway in Haizhu District, the downtown area of Guangzhou from the top-down view and the bottom-up view according to Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE). Methods that we used include literature research, site observation, questionnaire and structured interview. The result shows that, from the top-down view, the aim of community greenways itself is to serve the residents. While from the bottom-