Enabling citizen participation with the planning support system: Empirical evidence from crowdsourcing greenway planning



Publication Date

August 2022


Urban greenways are closely related to public interests, such as outdoor recreation, environmental quality, and public health; thus, public participation is regarded as one of the key strategies for effective greenway planning. The recent development of the communicative Planning Support Systems (PSS), which are GIS-based platforms for supporting planning tasks, has provided new opportunities for the public to give feedback, communicate with decision-makers, and contribute to optimal greenway planning outcomes. This research explores the enabling factors of PSS exemplified by the Wuhan Crowdsourcing Planning Platform, which was first experimented with the municipal greenway planning program. Through in-depth interviews and platform information, we find that the user-friendliness of the platform, the awareness-raising and mobilization of citizens, and the process management are the three most important factors that enable the acceptance and application of the platform.