The place of cemeteries in the urban green infrastructure network and public expectations



Publication Date

August 2022


The world's population, and with it the proportion of the total population living in cities and urban areas, has exploded in recent decades. It has long been researched and proven that "urban green" plays a major role in mitigating the so-called urban heat island effect, but during the pandemic the role of daily recreation has also come to the fore. Cemeteries are a lesser known part of urban green infrastructure but they possess high potential and play a dominant role in the urban structure due to their large area and, as a result of their function, to their typically high proportion of green surfaces. In addition to memorial function, cemeteries also represent a significant green space value, their conditioning green areas being a key element of an urban green space system. In our research we studied the role of cemeteries in terms of green infrastructure and the potentials for tourism and recreation. The use of cemeteries for green spaces and tourism can help to ensure their economic operation and thus the long-term preservation of their values. Our research compared the role in green infrastructure of the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna and the Fiumei street cemetery in Budapest. We conducted a questionnaire survey in September-November 2021 among the population of Budapest capital city with the intention to uncover their cemetery visiting habits. The results were compared with the existing uses and possibilities and suggestions were made to increase the use of the cemeteries.