Design of Fish Passage Facilities for Nepisiguit Falls, New Brunswick


V Conrad

Publication Date



Atlantic salmon, design, fish passage, fish ladder, fishway design, pool, pool and weir, salmon, trapping, weir

Publication Place

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Government of Canada, Fisheries and Oceans


This paper describes the functional design of a pool and weir fishway having 54 pools and the accessories required to enable Atlantic salmon to ascend a head difference of 33.44 meters (109.7 feet). The facilities are proposed for a site on the Nepisiguit River near the City of Bathurst in the northeast corner of New Brunswick. Nepisiguit Rover encompasses the fourth largest drainage area in the province. It is estimated that up to 25,000 Atlantic salmon can be produced from this system annually. In addition to describing the major features of the fishway design itself and how it fits into the site, the author also provides details of the functional aspects of the fish trapping facilities and design of the biological evaluation building associated with Pool 51 near the top end of the fishway.

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