An Annotated Bibliography of Fishways: Covering also Related Aspects of Fish Migration, Fish Protection, and Water Utilization


P Nemenyi

Publication Date



biological concerns, engineering, fish protection, history, mechanics, migration, protection

Publication Place

Iowa City, IA


The State University of Iowa

Series Title

University of Iowa studies in engineering. Bulletin, 23


The literature of the fields indicated in the title is found in so many different periodicals and access to some of them is so difficult that an attempt towards completeness, particularly under war conditions, would be futile. However, an effort has been made to give to this bibliography a fairly comprehensive scope in the sense that it includes abstracts and titles of papers covering an entire group of interrelated subjects; and to make it as far as possible representative of all significant trends of recent progress in these fields attained mainly in western and northwestern Europe, as well as in this country. Accordingly, some older literature has been included, but that describing recent development has been emphasized.

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