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Ross Kapitzke


UMass Amherst

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27-6-2011 4:25 PM

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27-6-2011 4:45 PM


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Ross Kapitzke has more than 35 years professional expertise in environmental engineering planning and design, waterway enhancement and fish passage technology for small waterway structures in Queensland, Australia. He is closely involved ·with research and industry in this work, and has developed leading edge approaches to aquatic habitat and connectivity planning and design and fish passage remediation technology. He has extensive experience in industry based R & D and work in industry in the fields of fish passage mitigation and remediation design, natural resource management, environmental engineering, impact assessment, multipurpose design, stream rehabilitation, water resource planning and development.

Ross is closely associated with a range of stakeholders in his work, which involves extensive collaboration ·with government agencies, industry organizations, designers, researchers, managers and the broader community


Jun 27th, 4:25 PM Jun 27th, 4:45 PM

Session B3- Fish Passage planning and desing for small waterway structures in Australia

UMass Amherst

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