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29-6-2011 11:00 AM

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29-6-2011 11:20 AM


Amy Koske is a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst pursuing her M.S. through the School of Marine Sciences. Her thesis research relates diet to mercury concentrations in the tissues of large pelagic predators in the Northwest Atlantic. During 2009-20 10, she worked seasonally at the Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center in Turners Falls, MA evaluating movement, passage and spatial patterns of American shad in the Turners Falls power canal She has also worked extensively with Atlantic salmon restoration in the Connecticut River watershed with the CT DEP and Richard Cronin Salmon Station. She hopes to continue her education studying sources of diadromous fish mortality and population decline in both the freshwater and marine environments.


Jun 29th, 11:00 AM Jun 29th, 11:20 AM

Session C7- Relating passage success to the location and movement of American shad within the Turners Falls power canal

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