The 2013 International Conference on Engineering & Ecohydrology for Fish Passage (Fish Passage 2013) promised to be an important international forum to exchange findings and experiences on fish related passage issues. Fish Passage 2013 was of interest to researchers, educators, practitioners, funders, and regulators who had an interest in advancements in technical fishways, nature-like fishways, stream restoration and stabilization, dam removal, road ecology, and the myriad of funding, safety, climate change, and other social issues surrounding watershed connectivity projects.

This was a three-day conference with concurrent sessions in engineering, biology, and management and social issues. The conference also featured plenary talks, professional networking opportunities, and a poster session. Independently offered short courses and workshops were available immediately before and after the conference (see Short Courses). In addition, tours were offered on Friday, June 28th and Saturday June 29th.

Fish Passage 2013 followed the successful Fish Passage 2012 conference held at UMass Amherst in June 2012 and the Fish Passage 2011 conference also held at UMass Amherst in June of 2011.

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Tuesday June 25, 2013
Wednesday June 26, 2013
Thursday June 27, 2013