Groningen, The Netherlands

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24-6-2015 9:35 AM

End Date

24-6-2015 10:20 AM


Dr Beate Adams graduated in 1992 in Biology. Her dissertation investigated the damage of loach (Barbatula barbatula) taste buds as a quick indicator for river pollution. She is founder of the Institute of Applied Ecology (Institut für angewandte Ökologie) and works in inter - and transdisciplinary cooperation with German universities and with hydraulic engineers to define the demands for efficient fish passes, fish protection systems and downstream migration facilities. The methodology comprises fish ecological field studies as well as ethohydraulic laboratory experiments. International engineering guidelines have benefited from her experience and her consultative work influenced the construction of Europe biggest double slot fish pass on the River Elbe at Geesthacht with its unique monitoring device. Based on knowledge of the behavioural pattern of downstream migrating silver eel she invented the early warning system “Migromat” which drives an episodic eel protecting operation mode of hydropower plants in rivers. With respect to the European animal welfare Act Dr. Adam gives lessons for the proper and gentle handling of aquatic species in the context of ecological surveys


Jun 24th, 9:35 AM Jun 24th, 10:20 AM

Plenary Speaker: How to Master the Art of Building Functional Fish Way

Groningen, The Netherlands