Submissions from 2010

Reduction of fish impingement: Best Available Approach for cooling water intakes?, M CM Bruijs

Inflow Measurement in A Tidal Strait for Deploying Tidal Current Turbines-Lessons, Opportunities and Challenges, Y Li, J A. Colby, N Kelley, R Thresher, B Jonkman, and S Hughes

Behavioral Results from Acoustically Tagged Fish Using Innovative Techniques for Analyzing Three-Dimensional Data, T W. Steig and S V. Johnston

Sensitivity and Vulnerability of Brook Trout Populations to Climate Change, Bradly A. Trumbo, Mark Hudy, Eric P. Smith, Dong-yun Kim, Bruce A. Wiggins, Keith H. Nislow, and Charles A. Dollofff

Modeling and Validation of a Cross Flow Turbine using Free Vortex Models and an improved 2D Lift Model, R Urbina, M L. Peterson, P M. Bates, and R W. Kimball

Submissions from 2007

Behaviour and fate of downstream migrating eels at hydroelectric power station intakes, L Brown, J Boubee, and A Haro

Simulation of 3D flow in a fish bone-type fishway, W Y. Chang, L C. Lee, H C. Lien, F P. Lin, W F. Tsai, J S. Lai, and Y C. Tan

Flow stability in pool-and-weir fishways, plunging and streaming flows, K Onitsuka, J Akiyama, Y Iiguni, D Kiuchi, and N Kawara

Submissions from 2006

General requirements of fish protection and downstream migration facilities: investigations on the river Meuse system, B Adam and M Brujis

Requirements and Experiences with Rock Ramp Fish Passes, K Bates and L Aadland

Hydraulic and geometrical requirements of fish passes, U Dumont

Behaviour patterns of eels at hydropower intakes, practical concepts for their protection and downstream passage, K Fiedler and C Gohl

Some environmental considerations of electrical power generation from ocean currents in the straits of Florida, C W. Finkl, R Charlier, and E Hague

Evaluation of fish pass effectiveness, J Gorlach

Fish protection and downstream migration facilities for eastern North American diadromous species, A Haro

Strategic concepts for fish passage restoration according to the EU-WFD, R Kolf

French experience in upstream migration facilities, M Larinier and F Travade

French experience in upstream migration facilities, M Larinier and F Travade

Fish-friendly turbine technology, A Nichtawitz and P Grafenberger

Fish behavior during the upstream and downstream migrations and structures assisting their migrations, D S. Pavlov and M A. Skorobogatov

Experience with an eel protective operation modus of hydropower plants, F Pohler

Fish locks in Scotland, M Redeker and A Stephen

General requirements of fish passes, U Schwevers

Carmangay weir fishway- A practical adaptive design and instruction approach, C Slack, F Frigo, D Becker, and N Weimer

Management of Atlantic salmon stocks in Sweden, J Tielman

French Experience in Downstream Migration Devices, F Travade and M Larinier

Physiological abilities of migrating fish, A WH Turnpenny and C S. Clough

Importance of connectivity in the Danube River catchment, C Wiesner, M Jungwirth, S Schmutz, G Unfer, and A Zitek

Submissions from 2003

Evaluation of angled bar racks and louvers for guiding silver phase American eels, S V. Amaral, F C. Winchell, B J. McMahon, and D A. Dixon

Enhancement and management of eel fisheries affected by hydroelectric dams in New Zealand, J Boubee, B Chisnall, E Watene, E Williams, D Roper, and A Haro

Induced sweeping flows at cooling-water intake structures for reducing fish impingement, C C. Coutant and M S. Bevelhimer

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Studies of upstream migrant American eels at the Moses-Saunders Power Dam on the St. Lawrence River near Massena, New York, K J. McGrath, D Desrochers, C Fleury, and J W. Dembeck

Incorrect use of the names 'Alosidae' and 'Alosid' when referring to the shads in the subfamily Alosinae (Teleostei, Clupeidae), J E. Olney

Fish passage at selected culverts on the Hoonah Ranger District, Tongass National Forest, C Riley

Economic fish passage - An innovative alternative, C G. Showers

Modeling fish entrainment and impingement impacts: Bridging science and policy, W Van Winkle and J Kadvany

Upstream migratory movements of American eel (Anguilla rostrata) between the Beauhornois and Moses-Saunders power dams on the St. Lawrence River, R Verdon and D Desrochers

Submissions from 2002

Neurosteroid Biosynthesis in the Brain and Pituitary Gland of Salmonid Fishes, S Matsumoto, H Yamada, M Iwata, and H Udea

Submissions from 2001

Biological Evaluation of the Behavioral Guidance Structure at Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River, Washington in 1998, N S. Adams, G E. Johnson, D W. Rondorf, S M. Anglea, and T Wik

Reaction of Chinook Salmon, Northern Pikeminnow, and Smallmouth Bass to Behavioral Guidance Stimuli, S V. Amaral, F C. Winchell, and T N. Pearsons

Integrated, Multi-Sensory, Behavioral Guidance Systems for Fish Diversion, C C. Coutant

Turbulent Attraction Flows for Guiding Juvenile Salmonids at Dams, C C. Coutant

Numerical simulation of flow in vertical slot fishways using solution adaptive quadtree grids, M Fujihara and S Kinoshita

Evaluation of Low-Frequency Sound Transducers for Guiding Salmon Smolts Away from a Navigation Lock, F A. Goetz, J J. Dawson, T Shaw, and J Dillon

Ecological Impacts of hydro peaking in rivers, A Harby, K T. Alfredsen, H P. Fjeldstad, J H. Halleraker, L EW Floodmark, S J. Saltveit, S W. Johansen, T Vehanen, A Huusko, K Clarke, and D A. Scruton

Fish passage in Australia: Experience, challenges and projections, J Harris

Forest management to meet water quality and fisheries objectives: Watershed studies and assessment tools in the Pacific Northwest, G G. Ice, P W. Adams, R L. Beschta, H A. Froehlich, and G W. Brown

Evaluation of Strobe Lights for Vertically Displacing Juvenile Salmon near a Filling Culvert Intake at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, Seattle, Washington, P N. Johnson, F A. Goetz, and G R. Ploskey

A New Multibeam Sonar Technique for Evaluating Fine-Scale Fish Behavior Near Hydroelectric Dam Guidance Structures, R L. Johnson, M A. Simmons, C Simmons, and S L. Blanton

Response of Free-Ranging Kokanee to Strobe Lights, M A. Maiolie, B Harryman, and B Ament

A case study to highlight the importance of monitoring and assessment of fishways in improving fishway design: Dumbleton weir fishlock, T Marsden and D A. McGill

Evaluation of Infrasound and Strobe lights for Eliciting Avoidance Behavior in Juvenile Salmon and Char, R P. Mueller RP;Neitzel DA;Amidan BG;, D A. Neitzel, and B G. Amidan

Responses of American Eels to Strobe Light and Sound (Preliminary Data) and Introduction to Sound Conditioning as a potential Fish Passage Technology, P H. Patrick, J S. Poulton, and R Brown

Design of fish passage mitigation measure for existing flood control channels, B M. Philips

Portuguese fish ladders operating conditions: An overview, A N. Pinheiro and T Ferreira

Effectiveness of Strobe Lights and an Infrasound Device for Eliciting Avoidance by Juvenile Salmon, G R. Ploskey and P N. Johnson

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Modification of Crump weir to facilitate fish passage, M A. Sarker, D G. Rhodes, and G S. Armstrong

Use of Electrical Barriers to Deter Movement of Round Goby, J F. Savino JF;Jude DJ;Kostich MJ;, D J. Jude, and M J. Kostich

Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) Research on Behavioral Technologies, E P. Taft, D A. Dixon, and C W. Sullivan

Submissions from 2000

Some hydraulic design aspects of nature-like fishways, M Archarya, J A. Kells, and C Katopodis

Fish passes in New Zealand, J A. Boubee

Technical aspects of the NEDAP TRAIL System used in a sea trout (Salmo trutta L.) migration study, A W. Breukelaar, K TW Fockens, and A B. DeVaate

Sprinting performance of upstream migratory fishes, T Castro-Santos and A Haro

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Dam removal: Physical, biological, and societal considerations, M W. Doyle, E H. Stanley, M A. Leubke, and J M. Harbor

Design of nature-like fishways for small dam projects, J A. Kells, M Archarya, and C Katopodis

Design of nature-like fishways for small dam projects, J A. Kells, M Archarya, and C Katopodis

Hydraulic systems for biological evaluation, M Odeh

Developments in fish passage engineering and biology, M Odeh and A Haro

Hydraulic Modeling and Scour Analysis for the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, J G. Shelden, E D. Smith, D M. Sheppard, and M Odeh

Local Sediment Scour Model Tests for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Piers, D M. Sheppard, J S. Jones, M Odeh, and T Glasser

Clearwater Local Scour Experiments in a Large Flume, D M. Sheppard, M Odeh, A Pristivelis, and T Glasser

Rocky Reach Dam: A comprehensive look at the calibration of a numerical model applied to fish passage, L J. Weber LJ;Lai YG;Blank JC;Andrade FD;, Y G. Lai, J C. Blank, and F D. Andrade

Hydroelectric turbine entrainment and survival database: An alternative to field studies, F Winchell, S Amaral, and D Dixon

Submissions from 1999

Fish passage with solutions for native species, J Boubee, D West, I Jowett, and J Smith